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Hey, I'm Simon. I live on long island, commute to a CUNY when I feel like going to class. I'm 6'6" so I wear extraordinarily long pants. I think this wiki project is the greatest thing since sliced dripping yella madness.


[edit] You Rock My Socks

I love music. I listen to all kinds of rock, but am partial to the classic rock Gods like Zep, Floyd, The Wuh-Hoo, and Stones, and am an avid Jam Band Fan. Second gen deadhead, and a major phish phan. Summer '07 consisted of some serious shows, and I'm planning on seeing Phil in the city in November.

[edit] Learn To Spell!

I hate when people can't seem to string an English sentence together. Learn how to spell, learn when and where to put your apostrophes, and most importantly, open a book! You'll learn all the tricks of the trade. I correct grammatical, spelling and syntax errors on the site because I don't actually know anything.

[edit] Life Coach

whatever - if it feels right, it is right.

[edit] Excellent Things

  • HOMESTAR RUNNER: I have a sock on my head? Get it off, get it off, get it off, get it off, get it off, get it off, get it off, get it off.
  • BUBS: Grabbin' ya butt? That's not very ladylike.
  • gary the no trash cougar
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