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;Name:Phillip Bradbury
;Name:Phillip Bradbury
;Location:Newcastle, NSW, Australia
;Location:Newcastle, NSW, Australia
;Inner left thigh measurement:31cm
;Inner left thigh measurement:31cm

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Phillip Bradbury
Newcastle, NSW, Australia
Inner left thigh measurement
Studying 4th year of B Engineering (Software) at UNCLE.
How I found Homestar Runner
A couple of people were talking about it in a chat channel once, and someone posted a link to crazy cartoon. I watched it, and was both amused and confused... then I watched the latest Strong Bad Email, which at the time was mile - having seen two PbTC toons in a row, I thought they just couldn't do flash well, even though it was kinda funny at times (though I didn't really get mile of course). Then I saw First Time Here?, and watched A Jorb Well Done as it said to, another toon with relatively bad graphics, and which to this day I still don't find very funny. But then I watched all the Character Videos, and some other SBEmails, and got hooked.
How I found HRWiki
I was actually planning to make my own site very similar to this one (except not a wiki) - Transcripts, Inside References, etc... Then, on one 1 April 2005, I thought "Come on, this is the Internet, someone's surely done this already", hit Google and found this site. I signed up immediately.
Shiny new website – Hosted by FellowSites... cheap, friendly, and I'm helping (in an admittedly small way) to keep the wiki alive. On the downside, I sound like an advertisement when I talk about it...

Miscellaneous Randomness and Random Miscellany

My major contributions to the wiki:

Other achievements:

User:Phlip/sig: phlip TC

My IP address is - see any edits I've made while forgetting to log in here.

Use Firefox and Greasemonkey? Get my all-in-one Homestar script!

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