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Many namespaces can be linked to within the Homestar Runner Wiki.


[edit] Complete List of Namespaces

Namespace Purpose Example
(main) Contains all the articles about the Homestar Runner body of work. Main Page
Talk Contains discussion pages about the articles in the main namespace, one for each main-namespace page. Talk:Main Page
User Contains user pages - one page (and possibly subpages) for each user - see HRWiki:User space. User:JoeyDay
User talk Contains pages used to discuss things specifically with other users—add a message to the user talk page of the user you want to contact. User talk:JoeyDay
HRWiki Contains pages that are specifically about the wiki, rather than the Homestar Runner body of work—behind-the-scenes administration and similar things. HRWiki:The Stick
HRWiki talk Discussions about the HRWiki pages, one for each HRWiki page (similar to Talk). HRWiki talk:Standards
File and Media When a file is uploaded, it goes into the File namespace. A link labeled [[File:filename]] will include the image in a page; clicking on it will go to an information page. [[:File:filename]] will be a normal text link to that information page and [[Media:filename]] a direct link straight to the file. This namespace used to be called Image (which still works as an alias). File:logo.png
File talk Same as Talk, but for files. File talk:HRWikiPuzzle.png
MediaWiki Contains pages that control some part of how the wiki functions, and all the messages displayed by the wiki (so that users of the MediaWiki software can translate them). Only sysops can edit these pages, but anyone can make suggestions on the MediaWiki talk pages. MediaWiki:Sitenotice
MediaWiki talk Same as Talk, for MediaWiki pages. Used even less often than Image talk - the MediaWiki pages are relatively static. MediaWiki talk:Sitenotice
Template Contains pages that are intended to be included in another page with {{curly braces}}. If you use the curly braces and don't specify a namespace, the templates will come from here. Template:stub
Template talk Same as Talk, for the templates. Template talk:done
Help Contains pages designed to help people learn how to use the wiki. Help:Contents
Help talk Same as Talk, for Help pages. Help talk:Contents
Category These pages don't have much content; rather, they are used to group other pages. Adding [[Category:categoryname]] to any page will put it in that category. Like with Image, you can use [[:Category:categoryname]] to link to a category. Category:Games
Category talk Same as Talk, for the categories. Category talk:Main Characters
STUFF Obsolete. This namespace contained the pages used in STUFF before it was decommissioned.
Subtitles Contains the XML data used for the subtitles project. Subtitles:intro/en
Subtitles talk Same as Talk, for discussing the subtitles scripts. Subtitles talk:Characters
Special This doesn't actually contain editable pages, but rather automated scripts, for various purposes such as the watch list and recent changes. It also has important pages for the maintenance of the wiki. Special:Specialpages

[edit] Namespace aliases

The following namespaces have aliases. These can be used as shortcuts.

Namespace Alias Example
Special SP SP:RC

[edit] Interwiki Links

Although interwiki prefixes are not namespaces, you can use the namespace style to link to pages on other sites.

Namespace Links To Example
Forum A HRWiki forum thread. To find the appropriate number, go to the thread and look for t=<some number> in the address bar. Forum:15
HR Homestar Runner HR:index.html
HRFWiki The Fanstuff Wiki HRFWiki:Main Page
IMDb The Internet Movie Database IMDb:tt0453401
Instagram Instagram Instagram:strongbadactual
MyShopify Store MyShopify:index.html
Old The Old Homestar Runner Wiki Old:HomestarRunnerWiki
Podstar Podstar Runner Podstar:index.html
Snopes Urban Lengend Reference Pages Snopes:snopes.asp
Thorax Thorax Corporation Thorax:index.html
TMBW This Might Be A Wiki, a They Might Be Giants fan wiki TMBW:Main Page
TVTropes TV Tropes Wiki TVTropes:WebAnimation/HomestarRunner
Twitter Twitter Twitter:StrongBadActual
Videlectrix Videlectrix Videlectrix:index.html
Wikipedia Wikipedia Wikipedia:Main Page
YouTube A YouTube video. To find the appropriate hash, go to the video and look for v=<some characters> in the address bar.

NOTE: YouTube hashes that begin or end with an underscore will not work due to the way MediaWiki parses links. A list of YouTube videos used on this project that have this problem can be found on HRWiki:YouTube underscore issues.
N/A Most of the Interwiki Map is also supported. mw:Help:Extension:ParserFunctions

[edit] Defunct

Namespace Links To Example
HRStore The former Homestar Store HRStore:index.html
ronginald Matt Chapman's Twitter account ronginald:status/114395585209053184
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