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Where I Might Be (#)

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Welcome to me

Hey everyone. This is Lapper here. I'm a guy living in Missouri, United States. Feel free to come to me with concerns, questions, or requests of service at any time. Homestar Runner has been a large interest of mine for a long time, and I hope to see that it keeps doing as well as this wiki is.

Science again! I said science again!

I was turned on to Homestar at the same time the stunt double email came out, late July 2003. It was then that I first saw Homestar at a local Science Center's Internet station, saw Strong Bad do all of his own stunts, and I was hooked immediately. Every single day I was on the site, watching the 'toons, playing the games, and exploring the easter eggs. Every part of the site was wonderful.

No, I'm pretty sure it was dot-wiki

In April of 2005, I discovered the Homestar Runner Wiki through a Google search some forgotten Saturday morning. I was amazed with how the wiki knew what was on the Homestar site before even I did. I created an account as fast as I could, for I wanted to be part of the community, to contribute my knowledge. However, during this initial period, my contributions were sparse. I mostly watched and learned, trying to pick up MediaWiki syntax while subtly making the occasional edit. More recently, a now good friend of mine welcomed me to this wiki after seeing one of my edits. I saw the array of helpful links and was suddenly enlightened. I opened my eyes and saw the wiki for the first time. It was at this point that one thing led to another. I since have become outgoing and active not only in the content of HRWiki, but also in the community.

What's the best thing you've ever seen, done, eaten?

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