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P comma Peacey

Several characters carry various Symbols and Logos on their bodies.

Character or Group Description Example

Main Characters' Symbols

Homestar Runner A white five-point star on his shirt. His own trademark.
Coach Z His "Z" medallion. More than two problems!
Strong Mad An "M" on his chest. (Does not appear in some early toons.) I'M STRONG MAD!
Homsar His name in white Bauhaus 93 letters written across his shirt. AaAaAaAaAa!
The King of Town His gold crown. D'ya have any hip rub in thar?

Other Characters' Symbols

Peacey P A peace symbol, a "y", and a "P." Y'all biscuitheads.
The Thnikkaman "TH" written on a piece of paper. "Yeah, shut up kid."

Pseudocharacters' Symbols

Carol Her name written in MotterFemD across her lower bout. We be jammin'.
Lappy 486 The Lappy 486 logo. Now THAT is a classy logo!
Compy 386 "Compy 386" in Square721 B with the 386 italicized. A digital revolution in logo...ness.
Tandy 400 A star based on the old bitten Apple Logo. *chomp*
Corpy NT6 A modified Denmark font reading "Corpy NT6" with the letters colored black, red, and gray. Back to work, drone!

Group Logos

The Municipality The King of Town's face with angry eyes and a menacing mouth, reminiscent of Darth Vader's mask. We're onto you.
Cool Tapes The band's name in spray-painted letters And we like it like that!
Limozeen The band's name with a lightning bolt resembling a "Z." Live this Zaturday!
Blue Laser An upside-down red triangle with a "BL" written across it. Fan-freaking'-tastic!
Videlectrix "Videlectrix" in FederationBold with a stylized V. GOOD GRAPHICS!!
sloshy Its name rotated 180 degrees, with a red "o." We don't really even care about you.
Strong Badia A red, white, and brown flag with a snake holding a knife leaping through a tire.
Pistols for Pandas An angry panda with pistols for eyebrows and the initials PFP in Cooper Black overhead. They need all the firepower they can get.
Taranchula Red letters stylized to resemble bloody fangs. Jah. We are Taranchula.
SBASAF "SBASAF" in stylish lettering with a rocket resembling the first 'A' and its trail forming the second 'S'. Also a planet and three stars are positioned over the second 'a'. The Strong Badian Administration of Some Aluminum Foil.
Team Kneepads The team name in yellow and red text. Dribble dribble, shoot!
Bleak House Three stripes, two dark gray on the outside and one light gray on the inside, and a black and white coat of arms with images of two bats and a house. "Blecch House"
Homsar Reservation Homsar's Bowler Hat and his parents, a cup of coffee and a chipwich, against a blue background. The reservation of the song from the sixties.
Pompomerania A circle colored like Pom Pom against a white background. Bubble. Bubble-de-bubble.

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