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Stylized Character Designs are intentional variations to the normal character models. The Brothers Chaps will play with line weights, colors and proportions to achieve a unique look for specific cartoons. These are not part of the gradual evolution of the characters, but rather a fresh experimental design.

See also: Other Costumes

Image Info Created
Super NES was drawn in Mario Paint. The colors were very odd. Pom Pom has a white head occasionally, Strong Sad is orange and blue, and Strong Mad is wider than ever. What's more, Strong Bad is given a green tongue and teeth in one scene. 1996
A weird, badly drawn Strong Bad with no shading and one arm. Appeared in Dancin' Bubs. 2000
In The Reddest Radish, the characters were paper cut-outs that looked like they were colored in with crayons. 2000
In In Search Of The Yello Dello, the characters were drawn with bright colors and no shading. The proportions were also very inconsistent, especially with Homestar Runner and Coach Z. 2000
The King of Town DVD had its own unique drawing style, which was slightly more colorful and cartoonish. While the King of Town and the Poopsmith's designs in this toon can be counted as part of their evolution, Homestar looked very different and Pom Pom had some proportional issues. 2000
A weird, badly drawn Poopsmith who looks bigger than normal. His big eye is white instead of black, and his small eye is black instead of white. He has an extra hair on his head. He has a small amount of whatsit on his gloves. The wood on his shovel is brown instead of yellow. Appeared in A Jorb Well Done. 2001
A Strong Badian pilgrim from colonization. 2003
Strong Bad and The Cheat drawn in a cartoony style. Strong Bad first appeared in lackey, and The Cheat appeared in pop-up. 2004 (Strong Bad), 2006 (The Cheat)
In old comics, the characters in The Castlefunnies strip were depicted with small eyes and large noses, among other deformed and odd features. 2004
In the Stinkoman 20X6 cutscenes, the characters are pixelated, and sometimes badly detailed, without all normal shading or reflection. 2005
In the Stinkomanual, the characters look very cartoony and sometimes inaccurate. 2005
In Strong Bad is a Bad Guy, the characters are, again, drawn in Mario Paint. Their updated look is used, but they appear different. 2005
A hand-drawn version of Space Captainface, used in the email space program's slideshow. There were many similar drawings also used. 2005
Strong Bad as painted by a Deutch master in portrait. 2005
Hedcut portrait of Strong Bad in the rich-guy newspaper as shown in portrait. 2005
A velvet painting of Strong Bad from portrait. 2005
The main characters, supposedly from highschool and joined in The Homestar Runner Mysfit-steries, from highschool 2006
Coach Z, Strong Bad, Strong Sad, The Poopsmith and Pom Pom as a bunch of melon-headed babies with gigantic eyes and enormous imaginations; Homestar as a striped-britches nanny, from highschool 2006
Strong Bad, Homestar and Bubs as microorganisms, from highschool 2006
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