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Works with Dangeresque - All the Time

Renaldo is the role played by Coach Z in Strong Bad's Dangeresque films. Dangeresque describes his relationship with Renaldo by saying that he "works alone, except when [he] works with Renaldo, which is all the time."

At present, both Renaldo's origins and his future plans are shrouded in mystery; but perhaps future sequels (or prequels) in the Dangeresque film franchise will allow us to know more about this fascinating, freelance law-enforcement officer, and his family's unique immigrant experience.

Renaldo returns in Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective, once again aiding Dangeresque in his missions. In this movie, he is to retire in two weeks. Renaldo is later kidnapped by Craig and Uzi Bazooka and taken to their space station at the Sun. He reportedly dies at the end of the movie. In extended play, click on Renaldo to see a deleted scene where Dangeresque saves him, Dangeresque Too defeats Craig, and the three sing.

Costume and Insignia

Renaldo wears a turban with an improperly aligned "Star & Crescent" insignia; the symbol in question is identified most strongly with the Ottoman Empire or represents the symbol of Islam. Depending on Renaldo's heritage, Coach Z is either wearing the pin sideways or entirely upside-down. Atop the turban Renaldo wears a Fez, perhaps indicating a superlative layer of cultural identification with Morocco. Of course, the name "Renaldo" is Hispanic (being the Spanish form of Reynold), giving us a further insight into the confused cultural identity of this complex character, who is, of course, played with Coach Z's usual flair for the Upper Midwestern accent.

On the DVD commentary for stunt double, Matt and Mike point out that Renaldo's symbol is also the insignia for the New Orleans Police Department.

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