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Character: Homsar
watch Homsar's character video The Poopsmith Homestar Runner
This article is about the character. For the Strong Bad Email, see homsar.
"I've brought my best foot flowered. Pshooo!"



Homsar is perhaps the strangest and most enigmatic of all the main characters in the Homestar Runner universe. He was originally created as a result of a typo in the email homsar, in which Vinnie C. asked, "If you hate homsar so much, why don't you kill him?" (Presumably, Vinnie had actually meant to type Homestar.) Strong Bad promptly dropped a Heavy Lourde on Homsar and left him for dead. The Brothers Chaps later decided to keep Homsar as a main character, and they brought him back in Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 5.0, where he thanked Marzipan for the flowers she sent him while he was in the hospital.

Homsar occasionally makes brief appearances in various cartoons, but most of the time he appears only in Easter eggs (and has even been referred to as the "secret guy"). In every Halloween toon since his introduction, Homsar has appeared in an Easter egg somewhere in the middle of the Toon. (This is usually triggered by clicking somewhere on or near The Poopsmith.)

Homsar doesn't have very many friends, outside of Strong Sad and Marzipan. Most of the other characters generally regard him as a nuisance. In particular, Homestar, Strong Bad and Bubs seem to dislike him the most. Despite this, he serves in the Homestarmy and occasionally attends parties where these characters are present. He enjoys playing board games with Strong Sad, and he has organized his own activities, such as a tree hugging concert and the play "Butt's Twelve by Pies" (starring Lighting and Set Decoration). He recently ran the Merch Masala on the Cool Tapes tour in Weclome Back.

In the email interview, Strong Bad, using a pen puppet, claimed that Homsar was "raised by a cup of coffee".

Distinctive Characteristics


Homsar's most distinct characteristic is his unusual manner of speaking, which has varied over time. His tone of voice is generally quite exaggerated, and he often begins sentences by wailing "AaAAaaAAaaAAaa!". (In some cases, such as on Homsar Main Page, this wailing affects the environment around him in strange ways.) His speech tends to range from perfectly normal English to often random and disconnected phrases that have little to no connection to the scene. Many believe that Homsar speaks in word salads (a speech disorder characteristic of schizophrenia in which grammar and sentence structure is intact, but the words have no particular meaning), but a detailed analysis of his speech patterns has shown that this is seldom the case. Instead, it seems that Homsar can and does relate well to his environment and other characters when he needs to, but is also prone to saying completely random things when there's no particular reason for him to stay in context.

Although the viewer is frequently left to figure out what Homsar's statements mean, other characters tend to just accept his speech and usually seem to understand it. Strong Bad is so far the only character to point out that Homsar's speech is "just nonsense," and even then, he was using a pen puppet to illustrate his point rather than talking to Homsar directly. It has been argued that his unusual speech patterns are the result of being crushed by the Heavy Lourde, but considering that he was able to speak more or less normally when he called Marzipan after that event, this seems unlikely.

Bowler Hat and Psychokinesis

Another notable aspect of Homsar is that his yellow bowler hat can float. It appears that this hat, which levitates when Homsar speaks, is actually being manipulated, as opposed to just flying about on its own. Homsar is, after all, a character lacking visible arms. A theory for this is that Homestar, and quite possibly the other characters lacking arms, have limited psychokinetic abilities. Support for this theory is not only the fact that Homsar's hat floats whenever he speaks, but that it can float even when he isn't. Homsar himself is even capable of levitation, as demonstrated in narrator, his character video, A Folky Tale, and Halloween Fairstival. Apart from levitation, Homsar can duplicate himself (Fall Float Parade), make a paintbrush ring like a bell (Homestar Presents: Presents), transmute his bowler hat into an engineer's cap (Character Video) and perhaps manipulate time (3 Times Halloween Funjob) and metamorphose (impression). (Homsar's supposed metamorphosis in impression is generally accepted to be just a very convincing costume by most people, however, but this cannot exactly be proven or disproven.) Indeed, it appears that the laws of both science and logic do not apply to him.

Naming of Other Characters

Homsar often assigns the other characters, including himself, strange names. This could be because he has forgotten their real names, is confused, or disregards their real names. These "names" are sometimes based on the character's appearance (Strong Sad: That Rhinoceros) or a similar-sounding name (Bubs: Tubbs). Others (Strong Bad: Reggie) just don't make much sense. This is assuming that he is speaking to/about these characters and that he is not just disoriented or believes he is talking to someone else.


Whenever Homsar walks, he makes a peculiar fluttery noise. Some other characters also have made this noise.

Character Video Transcript

{Page Title: The Hand-Me-Down Clown!} {Place: The Field}

{The background is upside-down throughout the video, with the blue sky on the bottom of the screen and the green grass at the top.}

HOMSAR: AaAaAaAaAaAaA! Hi, Wonder Mike! I'm Homsar! The captain of the gravy train. {bowler hat pops up and turns into a train conductor's hat} Climb aboard! {hat returns to normal} I've brought my best foot flowered... Pshoooo! {hat slides down the back of his head, then snaps back at the end of the sound} Sure beats breaking up with me. Don't look now! I'm just a friendly reminder. AaAaAaAaAaAaA! AaAaAaAaAaAaA! {spins around the screen backwards two and a half times and ends up at the top, upside down} Think I won the Powerball.

(Note: To view Homsar's character video, click "Eject" on the VCR, then click the tape.)

Fun Facts

  • Wonder Mike is a member of The Sugarhill Gang, famous for the song "Rapper's Delight." In the beginning of "Rapper's Delight", Wonder Mike says "I am Wonder Mike and I'd like to say hello", so Homsar saying "Hi, Wonder Mike" could possibly be a response.
    • It is also possible that he is simply talking to the microphone.
  • "Think I won the Powerball" is a reference to the multistate Powerball Lottery, which is known for having large jackpots.
  • Homsar's character page is the only one with background music.
  • Since the camera is presumably upside-down throughout his character video, Homsar starts the video upside-down and ends it right-side-up; this was more visible during April Fool's 2006. He "stands on air" again in the long toon A Folky Tale as an Easter egg.
  • He is also seen floating in the Strong Bad email, narrator.
  • In most Halloween Toons, Homsar is usually unlocked by something to do with The Poopsmith.
  • Homsar is the only main character with no Old-Timey counterpart.


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