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* [[Marzipan's Character Video|Marzipan]]
* [[Marzipan's Character Video|Marzipan]]
* [[Pom Pom's Character Video|Pom Pom]]
* [[Pom Pom's Character Video|Pom Pom]]
* [[Strong Sad's Character Video|Strong Sad]]
* Not Gonna Tell
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===Right Column===
===Right Column===

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Pick a tape, any tape.

The Character Videos are the current biographies for the main characters of the website. The menu features a nice stack of VHS tapes and the VCR. Each character introduces himself or herself except The Poopsmith and Pom Pom, wherein Homestar himself makes the introduction. The Cheat's language has been thoughtfully subtitled for the viewers.

Date: Monday, July 14, 2003

Page Title: Characters


The Videos

Left Column

Right Column

Easter Eggs

  • To see Homsar's character video, click "Eject" on the VCR.

Fun Facts


  • The Flash file shows hidden descriptive text. These are the various VHS tapes from the Easter egg in the email "12:00." The text reads as follows, in order:
    • Yo! MTV Raps
    • Condorman
    • Hagler vs. Hearns
    • YCDTOTV (season 2)
    • Moscow Peace Festival
    • car commercials
    • "V"
    • The Commish
    • space shows
    • M*A*SH* final episode
    • Joy of Painting
    • Strong Mads b-ball game
    • Slam Dunk Contest(Spud Webb)
  • The sound quality in some videos is more crisp than that in most toons.
  • The page titles for all the videos have 2 exclamation marks (!!) at the end of them.

Real World References

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