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"Yes, Mrs. So-and-so... -erson."

Strong Bad often invents or modifies names by adding -erson to the end of an existing word, especially in Teen Girl Squad cartoons. Several times, the last name is even just the first name with that suffix attached. Occasionally, the suffix is added as an afterthought, as if the character does not know the person's last name.

[edit] Appearances

Name Appears In
Branderson Zeenin' Across the Country 2001 T-shirt
Brett Bretterson Teen Girl Squad Issue 4, best thing (DVD version), Teen Girl Squad Issue 10
Mr. Cheaterson Strong Badia National Anthem
Mrs. Commanderson Teen Girl Squad Issue 7
Crapperson 3 wishes
Emerson the process
Emtarkanderundersgunderson the process
Gunderson Zeenin' Across the Country 2001 T-shirt, Biz Cas Fri 3, Bubslegum Comics
Ol' Butt Patterson trading cards
Mrs. So-and-so-erson Teen Girl Squad Issue 8
Tompkinsrobotmomerson Teen Girl Squad Issue 13
Jumpy Jumperson Homestar Ruiner
Ogg Oggerson Strong Badia the Free
Margaret Go-Stand-Outsiderson @StrongBadActual
Mike Morkleson parenting

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