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Below is a chart showing the visuals that occur during a song in the short toon Where U Goin' 2?.

Lyrics Visuals
The Cheat, where you goin' to? The Cheat stepping off The House of the Brothers Strong's front steps and walking a few feet to The Brick Wall.
And once you get there, whatcha think you gonna do? The Cheat stepping behind the wall, that has been spray painted with the words "Whatchu Think U Gonna do?"
Checkin' up on a mattress fire The Cheat now walks up to a pile of smoldering mattresses with a gasoline container marked "The Gas" beside it and Strong Sad's soolnd twitching underneath it.
that you started couple days ago. He pulls out a clipboard and glances at the fire, then throws it toward the viewer.
Singing baritone in Marzipan's choir (But please don't let Strong Bad know) The Cheat is walking upon a Bass Clef with various notes slightly moving.
Nobody knows. A chalkboard sign reading "Marzipan's not dumb choir" zooms out.
This part's in D! Marzipan is holding a book marked "Hims" and telling The Cheat what to sing. When he does sing, Cardboard Homestar's head shakes a little.
Ooo, that's not D. Marzipan is saddened by his performance and corrects him.
How about C? To attempt not to make The Cheat mad, she lowers the note.
Ehhh, close enough. The Cheat then takes off his choir shirt angrily and topples Cardboard Homestar.
The Cheat, where you goin' to? Marzipan is singing this line.
And once you get there, whatcha think you gonna do? Homestar is walking unusually, singing the line, and is holding a cup marked "Melonade!"
Hitchin' a ride on Homestar's leg The Cheat is hanging on to Homestar Runner's leg.
And stealin' all his melonade. The Cheat then pokes a hole in the bottom of his cup, and drops start to pour out, where The Cheat attempts to drink them.
Hey! Homestar looks in his cup to find it's empty.
Get a freelance animation job. The Cheat comes up to a post with a sign on it about animation and rips it off the post.
And make the best cartoon that's ever been made! The Cheat is at Monosodium Dreams, while Powered By The Cheat Strong Bad on the screen is singing.
Hey there, Bubs in the store, paunch berries was the new ice cream. Powered By The Cheat Coach Z and Bubs are seen at Bubs' Concession Stand. Coach Z then pulls out paunch berry ice cream out of Hammerspace.
I can't even reach the top! Bubs then looks up at a pile of ice cream, which is very tall.
Hey Hey it's the paunch berry ice cream dancing team. The Cheat, Strong Mad and Strong Bad are all seen doing assorted dances. The Cheat is shaking his arms, Strong Mad is Smiling and jumping up and down, and Strong Bad is shaking his butt marked "Ic├ęd cream."
Ah The Cheat A word bubble saying "THE CHEAT" appears spontaneously.
VIRAL! The word "VIRAL!" suddenly appears in front of everything.
Where you goin' to? And once you get there, whatchu think you gonna do? The Cheat walks across a brick wall and begins to fly in circles.
Headin' down to the gymnasium The Cheat lands and walks toward a sign labeled "gymnasium" pointing right.
Gonna do some lay-up drills. The Cheat opens the doors (labeled "gymatorium") and reveals himself with a headband and spinning a basketball on his arm. He then begins dribbling the ball and begins charging toward the goal.
I'm not sure if that's something you would normally do. He is now dribbling the basketball up and down the court.
But you should brush up on your basketball skills. With some lay-up drills. He comes up to the viewer and dribbled the ball some more. Then, it cuts to a chalkboard with a moving basketball plan on it.
Lay-up drills. The Cheat comes in front on the viewer and stops dribbling. He seems rather angry.
No lay-up drills? The Scoreboard begins to fall and The Cheat is very displeased and the music fades.
Flaming lay-up drills? The Scoreboard falls some more and the room darkens, then lights back up again. The music also resumes.
Ah The Cheat A sports card appears with The Cheat and a basketball on it.
Likes flaming lay-up drills. The Cheat sets the rim of a basketball goal on fire with a BMW Lighter.
I'm glad we compromised on flaming lay-up drills. The Cheat scores a goal.
F'rllz, tell me what the dealz The Scoreboard shows the Home and Visitor scores on fire. The word F'RLLZ appears and begins flashing. Then, the word "DEALZ" appears and flashes.
You got the wills, the skills, the flaming lay-up drills. The Cheat scores several goals with the rim still burning.
Ah The Cheat, where you goin' to? And once you get there, whatchu think you gonna do? The Cheat scores several more goals by jumping through a flaming hoop. Two The Cheats are shown on the screen at once, taking turns shooting.
The Cheat, whatchu gonna did He then throws the ball and headband down. Then, a quick flash of all the things he's done that day appear.
The day is done so won'tchu close that barbecue... lid A sunset is seen in the background as The Cheat walks toward The King of Town's Grill. He gets in it and closes the lid.
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