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This is Dangeresque.
And this is The New Uzi-Bazooka. Any questions?

Greetings, whatever weirdos are concerned about The Poopsmith! I am called Uzi-Bazooka on the forums, and "The New Uzi-Bazooka" here, because apparently I'm not allowed to have the same name as one of the characters. Welcome to my long-put-off userpage.


[edit] That Guy is Dangeresque...I mean, Uzi-Bazooka

Hello. I am Uzi-Bazooka, otherwise known as [REAL NAME DELETED!!] I live at [DELETED!!], and my best friends are [DELETED!!], [BA CHEETED!!], and [WHAT IS THAT FREAKING WORD?!] I often go for walks at the [DELETED!!], when I'm not spending time at [DELETED!!] or [DELETED!!] I am [DELETED!!] years old.

On the wiki, I do what I believe should be called something like "bulk work." Since I don't know a lot of the weird code on this wiki, I type long blocks of text (on the 2010 Calendar page, I typed about 5 months at a time) and let other people add the fancy links and such.

I really like Dangeresque, as you've probably guessed by my name, section titles, and several of my userboxes. Thus, it should not surprise you that my favorite SBCG4AP episode is Dangeresque 3, or that my favorite character is Dangeresque, or that my favorite toon is...Pistols for Pandas?!? Yes, it's true. I think it's about time those stupid charities got their long awaited mockery!

I have made three custom userboxes for myself (the next-to last three, "Piemonade", "Windows 7", and "Outta Line"), and severals more for Uzi-Bazooka's Caption Contest, found on Strong Badia the Free (see below.) I'm not gonna show you those, but I will tell you that every winner gets their own special userbox, so no two are the same. So far, user: Espemon333, user: Strong Vader, and user: The Wheelchair have one.

I spend a lot of time on Strong Badia the Free (the forum, not the game), where, as I said, I am known as "Uzi-Bazooka" without "The New." When I'm there, I especially enjoy working on The SBEmail Game, a game where you have to answer E-mails just like Strong Bad. ([1])

My SBEmail Game, cheesy religions, was called the "BEST. FANFICTION. EVER," by user: DELETED!, who also said, "If that was an actual Sbemail, it'd be one of my favorites." user: Strong Vader, who is working on a comic strip edition at this point, said, "That one was one of the best SBEmail game email I've read. I don't pay you enough. I mean at all." (Yes, I am rubbing it in. Thank you for asking.) It can be found here: [2]

[edit] He's got some Chinese stars, I mean, Contributions!

[edit] Stick it to the Man! I mean, "Statistics!"

Current Mood: pensive

Currently Playing: The Wii version of Spy Fox, but just until I get my copy of the latest Mario game.

Currently Getting: the latest Mario game. Weren't you listening?

Currently Enjoying: Spring Break!

Currently Mocking: people who think that Europa, a moon of Jupiter, is the same as Europe, a central continent.

Favorite Toon: Pistols for Pandas

Favorite Sbemail: montage

Favorite Non-SBCG4AP H*R Game: Behind the Dangerdesque

Favorite SBCG4AP Episode: Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective

Favorite Movie: Duck Soup

Favorite Football Team: The Denver Broncos

[edit] Cool, cool glasses! I mean, quotes. Cool, cool quotes.

Strong Bad:

  • What? No, I did not just get beat by a stupid snake! Unless it's one of those two-headed freakshow jobbies. Then, it's an honor.
  • Well, if it isn't the big fat yellow blob and Pom Pom!
  • I don't know that I want to beat the snot out of Homestar. I mean, have you ever listened to that guy? He's obviously got a LOT of gunk up there.
  • Strong Sad keeps the sink clean enough to eat out of. Which I often make him do!
  • You don't hear too much about evil princesses, do you? It's all evil queens, wicked stepmothers, and hot witches, mostly.


  • Does "despair" have one G or two?
  • I'm...pregnant!
  • Multipart one:
 STRONG BAD: What's that misshapen stick doing there?
 HOMESTAR: She organized the protest rally!
 STRONG BAD: No, not Marzipan!
  • Multipart one:
   STRONG BAD: Homestar, you've been here for hours. Seen any secret levers or anything? 
   HOMESTAR: Naw, man. It's been pretty chill. Oh, wait. There WAS this old hooded guy who 
   came in talking about some "ancient Bloodstone" that 
   was the only way to light up the secret weak spots all over Trogdor's body. I told him 
   we didn't need that old thing. 
   STRONG BAD: Fantastic. When somebody offers you an ancient dragon-killing relic, you TAKE IT.


  • Uzi-Bazooka, now that you're dead, maybe you'll be melted down and turned into an actual Uzi-Bazooka! We can only hope...
  • You killed my father. Prepare to...have a bullet from my nunchuck gun pierce your flesh causing massive internal bleeding which, if left unchecked, could cause you to die!
  • Hello? Commissioner? Do WHAT to a rabbit? You got the wrong number pal; I'm not in that business anymore.

Strong Sad:

  • Archaeologists have been studying them for years, and we only know two things for sure: they're weird! And they talk funny!
  • I can already feel a rumble in my tumble!
  • Multipart one:
 STRONG SAD: Did you get a virus?
 STRONG SAD: Did you get four hundred THOUSAND viruses?

Coach Z:

  • You say tomater, I zader matermorts.
  • Ah, and here's Strong Bad's annual not-even-remotely-fall-related float.

[edit] Sounds E-mailesque!

Why, yes it does! Sounds E-mailesque is my awesome fanstuff. Dangeresque fights the law, he fights the crime, but can he fight hordes of fans? Seriously, it's just a Dangeresque E-mail show. Sadly, it was killed dead by vicious arguing between two Admins which I can't even begin to understand. It had a bright future; I had just written in a new computer after the old one was destroyed in a manner similar to virus, and they killed that for some pretentious silly fighting I don't even understand! WHY? WHY, CRUEL WORLD, WHY?! Umm...what was I talking about? Oh, yes. Click here to see the awesome archives:!

[edit] He fights the law, and he has a bottom ten, but not as much


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