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hi! i got into H*R 2 days before easter 2022. I had seen a toon before then, which was the Experimental Film video, because i was and still am a huge They Might Be Giants fan.

anyways, i like to draw in Microsoft Paint, I've drawn Strong Bad a coupla times.

my fav SBCG4AP episode is Strong Badia The Free, I can play it in 20 minutes.

My first big contrabution was helping with the page for Disk 4 Of 12 - Vampire's Castle

I often help with links to other pages and that crap.

I also make music (

I appear in the 2023 fan stumes.

[edit] Fav Sbemails

(In order of how I thought of them)

1. virus

2. caffeine

3. slumber party

4. homsar

5. flashback

4. date

5. dragon

6. videography

7. parenting

8. replacement

9. different town

10. too cool

[edit] I wrote a sbemail.

For purposes of this, I'm going to say this email is called "zoo", and was released as the 28th email. (the Tandy era would thus have 41 emails)

STRONG BAD: Alternate universes sure are weird, do emails exist in one?

STRONG BAD: Oh yeah, I went once. Two words. NEVER. AGAIN.

STRONG BAD: Alright The Cheat. Let's go see- HOMESTAR!?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh hey Strong Bad!

STRONG BAD: But- but- WHAT THE CRAP!? Homestar Runners are a species?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Well, the people who put me in here said I was one!

THE CHEAT: Meh meh meh!

STRONG BAD: I agree, The Cheat.

STRONG BAD: And that's why I hate the zoo. Wait... was that the email? Ok. So, { The Paper comes down} send me a question, and I hope they're not as dumb as that zoo visit.

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