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This is Homestar Runner. Duh.
Marzipan and Carol
The guy with the boxing gloves and the wrestling mask.


[edit] Introducing...

Hey, I'm Rebecca! I like video games, instant messaging, surfing the web, and Homestar (who doesn't??). I'm 12. I think I joined the Wiki on July 4, 2005. I am also on the Welcoming committee and the Recent Changes Patrol. Enjoy my page!

[edit] Video Games

I am a huge Nintendo fan! My favorite game console would probably be either the Gamecube, Nintendo DS, or GBA. I'm not sure what my favorite game would be, but here are some of my favorites.

  • Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)
  • Mario & Luigi Partners in Time (DS)
  • Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town (GBA)
  • Pokemon Emerald for GBA
  • Super Smash Brothers Melee for Gamecube
  • Warioware: Twisted! for GBA
  • Warioware: Touched! for DS
  • Mario Party 6 for Gamecube

[edit] Favorites on

You're a Girl, or maybe a wagon, filled up with pancakes...
Happy Freakin' Mother's Day!

[edit] Runner Runner Revolution

I strongly suggest that you check out Runner Runner Revolution I didn't make it up, but my brother and I created Ballad of the Sneak and Cool Tapes as two of the songs. It took some time, but in the end, it was worth it! =)

[edit] Some Kool Websites

  • MapleStory- I STRONGLY recommend that you visit this web site and download MapleStory! The download takes a while... (for my SBC Yahoo! DSL it took 1 1/2 hours), but it's really fun! Also, start in the Bera world and look for me! My characters' names are Rylea (mage), Skyani (warrior) and Wyoni (archer).
  • My MySpace- Yupper... this is my MySpace. Check it out if ya wanna.
  • IMVU- This is 3D chatting. You can interact w/ ppl and stuff. It's pretty fun.
  • Don't Click Here- Or you shall lose your soul.
  • This Wiki
  • Flash Flash Revolution- like DDR except with the keyboard arrow keys.
  • Runescape- You um... fight stuff, and go on quests, meet new people, and.... stuff like that. Look for me on there. I'm H_Star_R_Fan.
  • My Site... I guess...- but WARNING this site isn't that good!!!! Actually, it's really bad. Don't click here. It's been neglected for a while anyway.
  • so good I have to list it twice!
  • Habbo Hotel- You're a person in a hotel and you get to interact with other people in the hotel. Look for me; I'm NintendoGrl429. This is the UK site and even though I live in the US, I still go on the UK one. I'm only registered on the UK site. The US site is here.

[edit] Note:

Note to Self: Sticky Notes are a great way to "cover" things up! I was reeeeaallllyy desperate for a caption...
Now what was that thing that I needed to do today???

Please don't edit this page (unless ur signing ur name below), but if you have any suggestions or something like that, please suggest them on my talk page. BTW, how do you like my user page? Please tell me on my talk page!

Also, if you also have any questions, feel free to ask them on my talk page, but I am still learning how to do stuff around here, so I might not be able to answer ALL of your questions, but I'll try!

Note to self: My customized welcome page that I made up is the template: "{{subst:User:RJMT/welcome|~~~~~}}".
I have new messages. Err... I don't really have any now... but I will when you message me on my talk page!

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