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Better than bad, it's okay!

I'm a big Homestar fan and a Wikipedia editor, so HRWiki easily blends into one nice thing.


[edit] Favorite Articals

[edit] Wiki Accomplishments

[edit] Favorite Quotes

  • Bubs: "My chocolates! Come back chocolates! I didn't mean what I said." - invisibility

  • Old-Timey Strong Bad: "Behold! The fantoustic phantasm." - That A Ghost

  • Marshie: "Hey, Little Girl. What's your favorite thing about Fluffy Puff Malloweens?"
  • Little Girl: "The orange one is my favorite color, and the black one isn't."
  • Marshie: "Yeah? That's not very good advertising!" - Marshie vs. Little Girl

  • Peacey P: "I'm the best guest rapper in the music 'biz. I don't even know whose song this is."
  • Coach Z: "It's mine! I though I made that abundantly clear!" - Rap Song

  • Homestar Runner: "Aw, man. This dang ol' remote control can only change the channels and make everybody speak Spanish." - SBCG4AP Gameplay Trailer

  • Kim: "I herly berly on gerly werly!" - love poems

-"I'll take last bus to the bake sale!"
-"Here comes the Yogurt patrol!"

[edit] Images Uploaded

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