The Proud Anselmo

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Constructed almost entirely out of cardboardium alloy
The Proud Anselmo
The Proud Anselmo
A wonder of modern SBASAF-ery.
Country Strong Badia
Captain 1st Ltnrl. Space Captainface
Mechanic Harold "Strap" Coopmore
Ground Control Ted Averill
Cargo Sound F/X CD
Construction Cardboardium Alloy
Duct Tape

The Proud Anselmo is the flagship of the Strong Badian Administration of Some Aluminum Foil's thirty-vessel fleet, as shown in the Strong Bad Email space program. It is claimed to be constructed almost entirely out of cardboardium alloy (and is indeed constructed out of cardboard boxes, aluminum foil, and duct tape). The crew of the ship is made up of First Lieuteneral Space Captainface (Strong Bad), onboard mechanic Harold "Strap" Coopmore (The Cheat), and on ground flight engineer Ted Averill. The Tire also appears to be involved, as it is wearing a headset nearby. Strong Mad seems to be an essential part of the ship's functionality; he shakes the ship to give the sensation of flight, pulls away the grid screen to reveal the ship's surroundings, and holds up the cardboard label for Malmsteen's Comet.

Several objects adorn the vessel, including air ducts, used paper towel rolls, a bust of Van Buren, an ABA basketball, an Atari 2600 joystick for the steering mechanism, a milk jug containing the vinegar-baking soda fuel supply, and a small sticker of the Strong Badia flag, naturally. Despite the ship's makeshift appearance, "1ST LTNRL. S. CAPTAINFACE" and "'STRAP' COOPMORE" are printed on the boxes. The words "the proud anselmo" are also seen on the ship, albeit in Strong Bad's usual handwriting. One of the boxes is upside down, as indicated by the "THIS WAY" text. The ship also contains the SeeDees, which can be used to play the "Sound F/X" CD, and a Speak & Spell for performing calculations. According to an alternate take of the Proud Anselmo's debut, the ship was originally going to have a closed top with a round window for the upper half.

The ship also appears closed in cliffhangers, in which its interior is shown to be much larger than its exterior (likely due to being a different box entirely). The interior contains drawings of screens, buttons, panels, dials (appropriately labeled "dials"), a switch (with both settings labeled "off"), and some sliding switches (labeled "TREB" and "BASS"), as well as a red lightbulb which functions as a collision alarm. The "screen" is black with green grid lines drawn on it, which can be pulled away to reveal a poorly drawn outer space. Another screen shows that the forward humbuckers have never worked. A window labeled "the view" shows the ship's distance to Earth (in the form of a globe).

The Proud Anselmo is a dual reference to the rock musician Phil Anselmo (along with many other rock musicians referenced in the email) and commercial satellite businessman Rene Anselmo.

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