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Well I'm new and well first I'm going show some of my favorite things:

Favorite sbemails trading cards,

web comics




japanese cartoon,

from work,


flashback and then

different town

Favorite Big toons 2001: A Jorb Well done

2002: Where's the cheat?

2003: N/A

2004: Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon

2005: A folky tale

2006: Weclome back

2007: DNA Evidence

Favorite Teen Girl Squad Teen Girl Squad 8

Favorite Holiday Toons Halloween: Pumpkin Carve-nival

Christmas/Decemberween/Dethemberween: Decemberween short shorts

Thanksgiving: Toikey TV

Favorite characters Main Cast: The Cheat

Sweet Cuppin Cakes: Eh! Steve

Teen Girl Squad: Whats her face

20X6: Stinkoman

1936: Sickly Sam

Favorite Quotes Mmmm..... Drink in that bun!, Coach Z, environment

I'm forever your girrrrrrrrrl, Modestly hot Homsar, different town

Lets sing a song of penzoil, Homsar and Homsar, Fall Float Parade

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