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The E-Mail Of Doom:

Oh man, that was terrible.

The name's Captain of the Gravy Train. The namer's Homsar. On the forums, I'm CapnOfTheGravyTrain. Anywhere besides here, I'm Camerabob. Get ready for a massive flow of pickle juice. I mean, chocolate. I mean, double chocolate. I mean, double chocolate, like, in bold letters, for emphasis.

For those uninformed, or as I like to call them, uninformed people, this is my page, and you have no reason for being here. Did you come here on accident? I hate when that happens.

If you have any questions about the usage of my page, then e-mail me your e-mail address, so I can send you a free plunger- for FREE!


[edit] Why is how you got your name?

Oh, thank you, for that complete mangling of grammar. Anyway, dorkelton, my name comes from Homsar's Character Video. (click | here to see why I chose this username.) But my name isn't just quoted. My name is actually also my job title- I really am THE Captain of the Gravy Train. Homsar just got tired of the position and is now just the dinner server.

[edit] Gravy Train? What the smell?

Yes, gravy train. And no, I don't smell anything. (Except with my nose!!! Ha. Anatomy humor.) The train isn't made of gravy. It's made of composition notebooks (no really. click | here to see for yourself!). It does transport gravy, though.

[edit] GravyTrain's Mission

NO NO NO! GRAVY TRAIN IS TWO SEPERATE WORDS! DON'T YOU WIKIPEOPLE UNDERSTANDsorry. Uh. I switched into Grammar Nazi for a second. Anyway, Gravy Train's mission is simple: to transport delicious gravy to those much, much, much, much, way very, very, very much, really smelly, a lot much less fortunate than us. | Click here for a detailed video describing 'zactly wha' we dooz' 'round 'ere.

[edit] Current Members

Captain: ME!

Assistant Captain: There is no assistant captain!

Assistant Assistant Captain: Senor Cardgage

Chief of Head of Staff: Lord Quackingstick

Speaker of the House: Tony Stony

Train Driver: Gavin

GPS: Wilbur

Dinner Server: Homsar

Negotiator: a Dongrel

Main Man: Jhonka

Main Woman: Jhonka

Soup Brewer: Sherlock

Secret Agent Crew:

Crack Stuntman

Crack Stuntwoman

Crack Stuntdouble

Crack Stuntperson

Crack Stuntbike

Crack Stunttraining

Crack Stuntspooktacular

Maker of Bridges: Tony Stony

Somebody's Friend: Parrot

Stare Compiler: Tentacle Skull

Great Guy: Tony Stony

Letter Writer: Baron Darin Diamonocle

Feather Duster: None.

Worker Slave: Sticklyman

Spin Topper: Don Knotts

Other Guy: MustardDog

You can join, like, if you really want to. Please visit our Special Hirer, Tony Stony, for info.

[edit] Oh, 1 more thing.....

Click here for Tenerence Love's "A Sweaty, Overweight Jam".

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