Lord Quackingstick

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"Why, Lord Quackingstick, how nice to see you."
His Lordship in Strongio da Baddio's 1658 portrait

Lord Quackingstick is a prop used by Strong Bad in portrait. He's a stick with a duck's head at one end, the mouth of which opens and closes when a handle at the bottom is pulled. He appeared in an imaginary painting done by a Deutsch master, which was promptly vandalised by The Cheat. Strong Bad seems to enjoy making him quack. He spoke to him later in the same email when he was stuck in his "self portrait", asking if he didn't happen to have a hacksaw in his pocket.

Lord Quackingstick also made an appearance as "Lady Quackingstick" when it went on a date with Bubs to the movies.

[edit] Appearances

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