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The different costumes of The Cheat.

Image Costume Seen in
Wrestlem'n? Strong Bad A Jumping Jack Contest
Cheatstar Squeaker Homestar Runner A Jumping Jack Contest
Just say "Screw all y'all." In a suit Email sb email 22, Email rough copy,
Email business trip
To the Cheatmobile! "Strong Badman's sidekick" Email superhero name, Email haircut,
Email portrait, Email narrator
When there's something the neighborhood... A Ghostbuster Email ghosts
Um, Plants? Green Sweater Decemberween Email Menu
Awexome! Evel Knievel Email monster truck, Awexome Cross 98
Sgt. Cheatar's Lonely Hearts Club Meh George Harrison's Sgt. Pepper costume Email anything
It's as if Strong Sad was still alive and with us today! Strong Sad's left leg Email impression
So cottony-tush... Fluffy Email 2 years, Email lady fan
Yellow Dog! Firebert Email army
A Cheatly Brown Thanksgiving A Strong Badian pilgrim Email colonization
Weeeeeeee! With a top hat Email theme park
Customer assistance needed in an email Customer Assistance Email replacement
Now, pretend this is the Cheat "the cheat" Email replacement
Happy Cheatday, Ilko! Miner Email cheatday
Henchm'n Jorge Strong Bad's henchman Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon
I don't think he's gonna make it! Rabid Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon,
Email shapeshifter
The Rodent King With The King of Town's crown Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon
"Dang, The Cheat." Cool Boots New Boots
Ain't that a drag! Door to door salesman Email montage
Won't you guide my sleigh tonight? Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Homestar Presents: Presents
This is the best invention ever! Tito the Tophaticent Email part-time job, Email more armies
BLUE CHEAT! BLUE CHEAT! In a blue outfit Email origins
Towel boy'd! With towel Email secret recipes
No one will ever know. Covered in sticky notes Email secret recipes
Homestar will be jealous. Homestar Runner Email do over
The worst thing imaginable Wet Email bottom 10
Chocophobia: The fear of Chocolate Pudding Pale Email bedtime story
Needs a grilled cheese sandwich! Harold "Strap" Coopmore (of SBASAF) Email space program, Email cliffhanger, Career Day
Rad, Rad, Robotank A cat burglar Email portrait
Mee-meep meep-mee-meep! The Cheatbot Email technology
The Cheat Baxter-Birney With green shades Email theme song
PRISON RIOT'D! In chains Email retirement
Dr. Cheatio A doctor Email looking old
Well, hello, chocolate cake! Covered with whatsit Email strong badathlon
Makes you feel tough. With barbed wire Email rough copy
It's-a me, Cheatio! With a mustache Date Nite
"And that's when The Cheat got covered with the DNA evidence." Covered in DNA Evidence DNA Evidence
On Point Rodent King On Point King Email more armies
Bobby Cheat Wearing a custodian helmet Ever and More
As if he wasn't one already. Hideous pile Email bike thief
Pizzed off The Pizz cap Email pizza joint
Ya, ma. Mr. Cheatyama Email yes, wrestling
Um, plants? Green The Cheat Email environment
Delete-meh Deletehead Member Email fan club, Place Ya Bets!,
Sbemail 200 Fakeout
Saberlord's adiludililudiludiuh The CheatIn a diamond-studded collar, with shined and puffed fur
(Saberlord's Scritchascratch Cakemonger The Cheat)
Email pet show
Jane? Pith helmet Email buried
Helmet a l'orange Orange helmet Email specially marked
If my Wilbur only knew... Pink and white apron Email your edge
Hot blonde? Check...? A red bikini with a fake sword Baddest of the Bands
Of all the dumb luck in the woild! Black fedora Where My Hat Is At? (toon)
Ding-ding-ding-ding Green elf hat A Decemberween Mackerel
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