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[edit] Game Won't Stop

I removed this from Glitches

  • But if you do this, the game won't stop at all.

As far as I can tell, the game never ends in any case, so this is meaningless. --BaconSandwich 23:53, 11 Feb 2005 (MST)

[edit] I guess it goes without saying...

That Marzipan's right -- this is the world's most pointless and asinine game...

and that's makes it funny. Well some poitless things are kind of boring--StrongGen 06:39, 9 Jun 2005 (UTC)Strong Gen

[edit] Double quotes in title?

Should this page's title have double quotation marks, since these are standard in American English, the preferred form for this wiki? Heimstern Läufer 22:49, 29 April 2006 (UTC)

Thats true so should we move it?--H*bad 22:50, 29 April 2006 (UTC)

[edit] That's just not right.

I was just playing around with this game and it was adding 1's to the end of the score instead of adding to the score. i.e.: after "0" it was "01", then "011", then "0111" etc. Has this happened to anyone else? —NFITC1talk 15:55, 30 May 2007 (UTC)

So after playing around a little more with it it doesn't go past "0111". This sound familiar? —NFITC1talk 04:39, 11 June 2007 (UTC)

[edit] the prize

what do they mean by strong bads computer with an m on it. what did the m look like? Slipknot6477 18:20, 12 July 2007 (UTC)

I'm not sure — it'd be nice if we had an archive of the old version of the game... Trey56 18:23, 12 July 2007 (UTC)

[edit] Real people?

Just out of curiosity.. are Sid Hoffman and Sid Frenchman real people? Or did Homestar just make them up? CompGrl323 (talk · edits) 12:16, 30 December 2007 (UTC)

haha I don't think so. I just googled it and "Homestar's "Sid" Game - Homestar Runner Wiki" came up... so I think it is just one of Homestar's random things he does. --TheYellowDart(t/c) 14:03, 30 December 2007 (UTC)

[edit] The "M" award

The version with the working reward.
If you win, Homestar will move his mouth very quickly, REWARD will flash at the screen. You see thee Compy with the M, if you right click Play, you'll see that the mail has restarted on the "Marzipan's gotta face fulla super-mud..."

AlmsftPudgy, also known as Almsforthepudgy on the Fanstuff

Thanks for uploading it. MJN SEIFER 19:56, 19 June 2008 (UTC)

[edit] cheat

i know how to cheat the game. --Homoon 18:10, 22 May 2008 (UTC)

Uh, the page itself says how to cheat at this extremely simple game. --Jay (Talk) 18:54, 22 May 2008 (UTC)
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