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I'm just a friendly reminder


What are you still doing here The Cheat-bot?
Ain't he cute? I want one!


[edit] What's in a name?

It all started about...hmm, during late-junior high/early-high school I guess. When I was first getting into online message boards. I was frequenting a particular message board and had to have a name. I wasn't very creative in late-junior high early-high school (don't remember the first year) so I simply refered to myself as a Nameless Face in the Crowd. This was back in the day when you had to keep typing in your username everytime you wanted to post a message. There was no use for accounts and messages didn't have to contain text if the title had all the info you wanted to say. I eventually got tired of typing this over and over so I shortened it to NFITC. Soon after I started doing this, I joined the IRC channel that was linked to this message board. A user there was trying to figure out how to pronounce my acronym. The closet thing he came up with was "Infancy". Another user there, k0rn, decided to convert the word into some form of 1337-speak and came up with 1nfan¢33. So, thus my name is as it is today (see above). It is a name I gave myself and I'm more proud of it than my given name. :)

[edit] How I met Homestar Runner

I had not even heard of his existance until my wedding day (of all days) when some of my groomsmen were talking about Trogdor. (This was May of 2003, when Troggy was still new). I thought they were really strange. I asked my best man about it and he said it was from the "Home Star Runner" website. Well, for the next two weeks I, understandably, didn't bother to think on it. When I saw him again, though, he showed me the website. We watched some of the Strong Bad emails (starting with dragon of course) and I laughed myself silly on almost every one of them (at least the ones where he had the compy). I bookmarked the page and have been a regular viewer ever since.

[edit] How I found the Wiki

Homsar is my favorite character in the H*R universe. If you don't believe me, check out the graphic at the top of this page and my user box below. :) Anyway, I was looking through the H*R store and saw that the Homsar shirts have "his famous tagline: Raised by a Cup of Coffee on the back". I don't ever remember Homsar saying that so I wondered what his origins really were. So I went to Google to see if I could find out more about Homsar, his origins and such. I typed +Homsar +"raised by a cup of coffee", and the first link that came up was the article about the email interview. I noticed it was a wiki site. Although I'm not really sure what the word "Wiki" derives it's origins from (ACupOfCoffee answered this on my discussion page), I clicked on the link that came up. I was shocked to find such a detailed information archive of all things H*R! Even scripts and references to things I wouldn't even know of otherwise! I almost loved this wiki as much as the H*R website and I quickly signed up to be a member.

[edit] Fun Facts about me

  • My first contribution was a Fun Fact in fingers about Homestar's foam finger turning into a baseball glove. (Currently bottom of remarks list)
  • My largest contribution (so far) is the start of the Arrow'd Guy at Work Gallery with the exception of "ARROW'D II".
  • I have voted at least 24 times to various STUFF material.

[edit] Favorite stuff about H*R


Since I now know that people are coming here I think I need to offer something. Here are some Homestar-isms that have become somewhat running gags between my wife and I:

"Wagon fulla pamcakes"
"Yeah, yoo pwobabwy wight"
"Ima gonna"
"Are you asking for a CHALLEENGE?!?!"
"Yessir. Yessir I am."
"Computer over? Virus equals very yes? That's not a good prize!"
"Oooh! Sweet mercy! This is orful! . . . Oof! I think I'm going to puke my pants!"
"The good times are OVER!!"
"Meh, Strong Bad, Meh!"
"Where's my cottage? . . . TROGDOR!!!" (I'm gonna make her a shirt of that and put the pic here I hope :) )
Practically anything from the Marzipan answering machines. They need more of those.

Some of my favorite quotes:

Practically anything Homsar says
"Yeah, that's not true"
"Today-bor day is a labors day!"
"Be careful with that. That's my only The Cheat. <girl throws The Cheat> Uhh, that doesn't count as being careful"
"Yeah! Fluffy-Puff Marshmellows are just like water! Why ever drink again?!"

[edit] No More Guestbook

Sorry, but the community has determined that guestbooks are detrimental to the wiki. This guestbook has been archived on my computer where it will stay.
Any signing will henceforth be considered vandalism. :(

[edit] Latest email to Strong Bad

Sent: Tuesday, August 5, 2008 8:02 PM

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