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"STINY! Get me a Danish!"

Strong Badman is Strong Bad's comic-book styled alter-ego. He appears in the comic book The Total Adventures of Strong Badman, which is published by Cheap As Free Comics. The comic books cost $1.25 (U.S.) and $8.00 Can. Every known issue also bears the logo of the Comics Code Authority, though the word "Authority" that appears on real-life comics is missing. The fact that he is more muscular than his creator is another use of Strong Bad exaggerating himself with better features. The action figure Strong Bad made up in the email action figure also resembled Strong Badman.

His sidekick "Li'l Stiny" is forever fetching things for him, primarily Danishes. Stiny was first introduced (at least in name) in superhero name, where Strong Bad receives an email signed Stiny. Strong Badman also called for Stiny when coffee got spilled on his plans for a death ray. There is also a Strong Badman version of The Cheat that looks like a Predator, which has appeared on the liner booklet of Strong Bad Sings and Other Type Hits, the DVD Sketchbook, the Weekly Sketchbook, and which was finally used in Comic Book Movie. In portrait, Strong Badman and Deutschman are both apparently defeated by a mysterious Deutsch Master. Grossman may have become Strong Badman's new roommate in narrator. In alternate universe, he is revealed to not be such a criminal mastermind after all, as his "evil plans" include stealing cable and wasting water. He also does not have a secret underground lair filled with secret underground gadgets, but a rent-controlled apartment. Deutschman also makes a small appearance in alternate universe. There are at least 87 issues, of which only 10 have been seen. Strangely, there are two 81st issues and two 87th issues.

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