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"Don't forget the lyrical rampages me and Coach Z are always going on. Or more like, going OOORRRRFF!"

Strong Bad and Coach Z's relationship is quite strange at times, mostly because of Coach Z's personality. Strong Bad is frequently creeped out at Coach Z's behavior, and doesn't seem to like him much at all. Coach Z is oftentimes ignorant about how Strong Bad feels about him. However, Strong Bad isn't always mean and disgusted at Coach Z all the time, as they have helped each other out or done activities together at times.

[edit] Strong Bad and Coach Z in Conflict

  • A Jorb Well Done — Strong Bad mocks Coach Z's attempt to say "job" and asks him to make an even worse try before howling with laughter in his face.
  • Pumpkin Carve-nival — Strong Bad (disguised as Homestar) gives Coach Z's pumpkin a "2nd to last place" ribbon.
  • Email current status — Strong Bad had placed Coach Z's head on Bubs' body (and vice-versa), much to his chagrin.
  • Email dragon — Though Strong Bad lets Coach Z in on his "art lessons", he isn't pleased with Coach Z's results.
  • Email sibbie — Coach Z is in Strong Bad's Fhqwhgads pronunciation class, though Strong Bad becomes annoyed with him, asking him to leave "like, an hour ago".
  • Email cheatday — When Coach Z compliments Strong Bad on his email rhyme, and suggests they cut a demo together, Strong Bad claims not to need the "fools", and Coach Z decides that he and Bubs will be better off without Strong Bad.
  • Email secret recipes — Strong Bad tricks Coach Z into swallowing some of The Cheat's hair.
  • Email rampage — Strong Bad doesn't like Coach Z's attempts at making fun of Strong Sad.
  • Email do over — Strong Bad suggests that calling Coach Z "Coach Zed" might make him suck less.
  • Email record book — Strong Bad complains about Coach Z's random attempt to set a record.
  • More Fan Costumes — Strong Bad refers to Coach Z, as well as Marzipan and The King of Town, as "the least popular Homestar Runner characters".
  • Email candy product — Strong Bad traps Coach Z's head inside a basketball.
  • Email keep cool — Strong Bad forces Coach Z (and several other characters he generally doesn't get along with, namely Homestar and the King of Town) into the pool during a thunderstorm.
  • Happy Hallow-Day — Strong Bad excludes Coach Z from saying "Happy Halloween".
  • Email the movies — Strong Bad sings that "Coach Z is not that cool". He also doesn't seem impressed at Coach Z's attempts to answer the trivia slide (for the tenth time).
  • Sbemail 169 Deleted Scene — Coach Z blackmails Strong Bad into letting him help answer the email. In the commentary on the scene, Strong Bad says working with Coach Z was a complete nightmare.
  • Jibblies 2 — Strong Bad insists that Coach Z is not among the "good characters" and that he is one of the "lame characters".
  • Email nightlife — Strong Bad does not enjoy Coach Z's freestyle.
  • Blubb-O's Commercial — Strong Bad encourages The Cheat to shoot Coach Z with a harpoon.
  • Email shapeshifter — In Strong Bad's imagination, Coach Z puts 100-dollar bill Strong Bad into Coach Z's "sweaty-sweat-sweats". This snaps Strong Bad out of his imagination, making him extremely disgusted at Coach Z.
  • Homestar Ruiner — Strong Bad mentions that he has been putting itching powder on Coach Z's jock strap for three years, only for Strong Bad to realize that Coach Z has never complained about it.
  • Email being mean — Strong Bad tells Coach Z, Marzipan and Strong Mad that they suck.
  • Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective — It's seen in the game that he and Strong Bad have an argument over whether or not Senor Cardgage should be in the movie at all, and much to Coach Z's dismay, he is. Coach Z is disappointed that Strong Bad left out the part where Dangeresque rescues Renaldo and becomes more disappointed when Strong Bad tells him Renaldo dies. He also joins the unruly mob against Strong Bad.
  • Email dictionary — When Coach Z asks if Strong Bad wants to hear about his "glory days on the fierld", Strong Bad responds with a "Pffgh!"
  • Which Ween Costumes? — Strong Bad reluctantly asks Coach Z for "the stupid explanation for [his] costume". He (along with the others) groans when he hears it, and again at Coach Z's rap.

[edit] Strong Bad and Coach Z Getting Along

  • A Jorb Well Done — Strong Bad tries to help Coach Z say job, albeit laughing hysterically when Coach Z messes up.
  • Email lures & jigs — Coach Z takes Strong Bad fishing.
  • Email new hands — Strong Bad drops a beat for Coach Z.
  • Email 2 emails — Coach Z attends Strong Bad's "2003 Ladies' Choice Awards."
  • Scroll Button Song (May 19 – August 3, 2003) — Coach Z joined in on one of Strong Bad's scroll button songs.
  • Dangeresque (film series) — Strong Bad casts Coach Z as Renaldo, Dangeresque's constant companion.
  • Email 2 years — Strong Bad predicts that Coach Z would move to Strong Badia in two years.
  • Email couch patch — Coach Z mentions that Strong Bad had him over for gumbo one night.
  • Email different town — In Strong Bad's fantasy of how he would make things different, he says that Coach Z would wear a "cool jacket". Coach Z proudly displays it, saying, "Check it out, yo!"
  • Email flashbackTiny-Handed Strong Bad plays tennis on the moon with "his pal, the Coach Z."
  • Email rampage — Coach Z and Strong Bad go on a lyrical rampage together.
  • Email hygiene — Coach Z is one of "Gene"'s friends in the video.
  • Happy Dethemberween — Coach Z is at Strong Bad's house while watching the Decemberween puppet special.
  • Email rated — Strong Bad tries to get into the movie theater by pretending to be in his sixties and using Coach Z as one of his college-aged children for backup.
  • Email hiding — Strong Bad compliments Coach Z's idea of a "back-sassin' animatronic Strong Bad" and proceeds to build one.
  • Email magic trick — Strong Bad mentions that Coach Z thinks that Strong Bad is a good magician and a class 3 dark wizard.
  • hremail 3184 — Coach Z thanks Strong Bad for providing spit to shower with.
  • On Break — Strong Bad and Coach Z hang out during their breaks.
  • Fish Eye Lens — Strong Bad and Coach Z make a number one jam about the titular piece of camera equipment.
    • Strong Bad also sings about "mak[ing] a rap video with a couple of friends", and considering the intro, he's most likely describing the process of creating the video he's in.
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