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"Go away! I'm doing something!"

Stinkoman and 1-Up are the 20X6 equivalents of Strong Bad and Homestar Runner, respectively. The relationship of Stinkoman and 1-Up mirrors the relationship of Strong Bad and Homestar Runner: 1-Up idolizes Stinkoman and wants his attention, while Stinkoman finds 1-Up to be annoying most of the time, although occasionally he shows a soft spot for 1-Up and the two have moments of camaraderie.


[edit] Stinkoman dismissing 1-Up

  • Email japanese cartoon — Stinkoman says that 1-Up can't be "the guy" because he's just a kid. He then laughs when 1-Up is crushed by Pan Pan.
  • Under Construction — Stinkoman calls 1-Up and Pan Pan "ladies" because they missed his fight with Sticklyman.
  • Stinkoman 20X6
    • In Level 2's opening cutscene, Stinkoman ignores 1-Up, who is concerned for the kidnapped Pan Pan.
    • In Level 4's opening cutscene, Stinkoman is more concerned about his power crunch being damaged on the Lava Zone than 1-Up's safety.
    • In Level 5's opening cutscene, he refuses to help 1-Up any more, leaving 1-Up to play the level on his own.
  • Twenty THANXty Six — When Stinkoman is building a tractor, he tells 1-Up to go away, and mockingly calls 1-Up a "talking-to-me-extraordinaire" after 1-up points out that "giving thanks" doesn't involve farm equipment.

[edit] Stinkoman as ally and friend

  • Stinkoman 20X6
    • 1-Up either lives with or visits Stinkoman.
    • Stinkoman sets out to rescue 1-Up and Pan Pan from Z Sabre.
    • In Level 4, Stinkoman protects 1-Up with his giant fist power-up, gained from defeating Stlunko. However, this move has selfish motivations as well, as Stinkoman is more worried about his Power Crunch being damaged in the Lava Zone.
    • In Level 10, 1-Up saves Stinkoman by tossing him his Power Crunch, allowing him to power up and face Z Sabre.
    • When the base starts to fall apart after beating the load bearing dragon, Stinkoman tells 1-Up and Pan Pan to wait for him in the next cutscene where it's safe.
  • Twenty THANXty Six — Stinkoman allows 1-Up to teach him how to give thanks, and the two appear to be working together to face the Challenge of the Crystal Shards.

[edit] 1-Up idolizing Stinkoman

  • Email japanese cartoon — Claiming everyone says that Stinkoman is "the guy", 1-Up wants to be the guy too.
  • Email time capsule — 1-Up shows Stinkoman the gross old wig that he found in a "time box".
  • Twenty THANXty Six — 1-Up offers to teach Stinkoman how to give thanks, and compliments him for getting the green crystal shard.

[edit] 1-Up disrespecting Stinkoman

  • Twenty THANXty Six — 1-Up expresses disgust when Stinkoman builds a tractor, and laughs at Stinkoman's attempts to give thanks.
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