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Early morning Potate

Potate is the resident brand name of certain potatoes and potato chips in Free Country, USA. In the Old-Timey cartoons, Sickly Sam normally wears a Potate sack instead of a shirt, and Strong Bad is occasionally seen with a Potate brand potato chip bag on his hand or his head when he wakes up. Potate brand potatoes are also one of the many foods that The King of Town enjoys eating, and they have been seen stored in his pantry.

In retirement, Strong Bad uses Potate chips (as well as several other brands of potato chips, including Chippety Chomps!, Chippies!, and "Flavored Triangles") as his "anti-depressant medication". He gets the chips at Bubs' Concession Stand with what he refers to as a "prescription". According to Strong Bad, the chips in this cartoon are Italian-herb-chipotle-buffalo-ranch-guacamole-Thai-peanut-style flavor.


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