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"More rides than you or your grandmother can handle."

Strong Bad's Mount RidesPlace! USA is an imaginary theme park that Strong Bad fabricated in the email theme park. Although the park's motto is "More Rides Than You Or Your Grandmother Can Handle", the fine print requests that grandmothers not actually be brought to the park. Mount Ridesplace appears to be located behind the fence in Strong Badia and features many rides as well as the antics of the Mount RidesPlace! USA Mascots. Because this theme-park-to-be is very expensive, Strong Bad needs to "start robbing WAY more hot actresses" than he is currently stealing from in order to make his dream a reality. Until then, he is able to make ends meet by running Strong Bad's Riverquest Safariventure.

[edit] Attractions

The following are all the known attractions in Mount RidesPlace.

  • Bowels of Trogdor — The flagship roller coaster. It keeps spinning around in circles until participants either throw up or catch fire somehow. The King of Town was shown riding this, and caught on fire. Unfortunately for those such as The Cheat, anyone riding has to be "as tall as Trogdor's beefy arm".
  • The Strong Sad Gets Decked Repeatedly Stunt SPOOK-tacular — In this show, Strong Sad stands on a stage dressed as a witch while Strong Mad tackles him repeatedly without mercy.
  • Throw Game — In Bubs' throw game, players have to get the blue rings in the bottles, not looped around them, as is the normal and accomplishable way of playing ring-throwing games. If someone wins, they get a Bubs doll with a horn. Pom Pom has had the displeasure of playing this game, only to find out the impossible rules.
  • Sweet Cuppin' Cakes LandThe Cheat is directed here because he's not tall enough to ride the "Bowels of Trogdor". Sweet Cuppin' Cakes Land may or may not be a separate theme park. According to the commentary for the email, Sweet Cuppin' Cakes Land was going to have spinning Eh! Steves as a ride.

[edit] Mascots

The costumed mascots that run around "antic-ing" or "antique-ing" in Mount RidesPlace! USA. All of them represent the pseudocharacters of Strong Badia. They all have mouths and eyes, which their non-mascot versions lacked.

  • Stoppy the Sign, played by Coach Z, is the Stop Sign mascot. He doesn't mind a good chafe. The costume also provides air conditioning and a mini-bar.
  • Poppy the Tire is a mascot representing the Tire. The suit chafes Homestar Runner like crazy.
  • General Tso's Chicken appears in mascot form. The costume has "Ryan S." written on it. This character is portrayed by Homsar, who claims that "it's time for tasteball."

[edit] Appearances

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