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Get ready to experience the fury!

Strong Bad's "Riverquest Safariventure" is a riverboat type attraction on which passengers are taken on a "boat ride" through a series of "dangerous" situations for a fee of $3,000. The Riverquest is kept in operation to raise funds until Strong Bad's Mount Ridesplace! USA can be open to the public. Some of the "dangers" encountered on the ride include a boulder falling next to the boat and a headhunter played by the Bear Holding a Shark. The Cheat runs another tour in the boat "RQ2". This type of attraction is a play off riverboat rides in amusement parks, most notably the Jungle Cruise located at various Disney theme parks, as referenced by Strong Bad's unenthusiastic "scripted" attitude, running into another tour guide, and fake-looking hazards which are narrowly avoided.

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