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This article is about the title of the kings. For the characters, see The King of Town and The King of Town (Decemberween).

In the town of Free Country, USA, the main governor is the King of Town. The King's job was mostly revealed in Strong Badia the Free, where he basically watches his kingdom wither and die. The King's throne is a refrigerator, and most, if not all, of the ways the king spends his time is by eating, bathing in or obsessing over food.

There are two ways to become king: either inheriting it (as hinted in flashback by the current King of Town once being the Prince of Town) or by seizing the throne through a coup d'état as seen multiple times in Strong Badia the Free. Once king, however, the amount of power one has is debatable. While the current King of Town has servants and has shown some authority, his peoples' lack of respect for him weakens his position. It is apparently legal to sell "Death to the King" memorabilia, as Bubs once did, so there is no direct control on civilians. Therefore, one may conclude the King has limited power.


[edit] Known Kings

[edit] The Current King

The fat-thority himself!
See The King of Town

The King of Town we know, known only as such or "Wad" in Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 15.2, is the current king. He seemingly grew up from being the Prince of Town, if one can believe Strong Bad's retelling. His weightiness was implied to have come from eating a lifetime supply of fish-sticks, which may explain the reason food is so important to being King.

The King's rule was taken from him by Strong Bad in Strong Badia the Free. After Strong Bad denounced the King's rule, he became temporarily known as simply "The Of Town". This was later revealed to have been the King trying to get someone else to get the job; however, Strong Bad later found he himself hated the job and later tricked the King into taking it back. Upon seeing the trickery involved, however, the King sadly accepted his job. (If one talks to the King in Extended Play, he will actually try to trick Strong Bad back into the throne.)

[edit] King Strong Bad

"Who knew being King of Town could suck so many eggs?"
See Strong Bad

Strong Bad, upset with being unscrupulously taxed and violently put under house arrest, decided he was fed up with the King, and began a rebellion on the castle. Throughout Strong Badia the Free, in which the rebellion went on, he expanded the empire of Strong Badia by annexing other rebellions. Once he had control of all the lands he needed, he attacked the castle, leading with "Col-o-nel" Homestar Runner of the Homestarmy.

After capturing the castle, he succumbed to great boredom. He was not allowed to check his email or play video games, and he was under constant surveillance and annoyance by Homestar, Strong Mad, and Strong Sad. He was under heavy stress, and eventually decided to quit. He was not allowed to leave the castle, but that did not stop him from remotely leading a rebellion led by the old King of Town himself. Once the Of Town returned, Strong Bad willingly surrendered and returned home.

King Strong Bad did not prove to be very popular. Marzipan decided to protest him and all he stood for, and Bubs sold Death to King Strong Bad souvenirs, which proved worthless after the old King took over.

[edit] The King of Town (Decemberween)

"Famine has ruined all the town's gold!"
See The King of Town (Decemberween)

This king ruled in the time of the first Decemberween, and had the Popular Vote as his companion. This King of Town may or may not be the current one.

[edit] Other Royalty of Town

[edit] The Old King of Town

While never appearing in person, it is implied that the King of Town's mother and/or father ruled before him (given that he's called the "Prince of Town"). He ruled at the time The Cheat first appeared and when Strong Bad and Homestar first met. He seemed to have ruled in the Storybook World time-period.

[edit] Marzipan

Princess Marzi.

Marzipan was first intended to be the King of Town's daughter on the Old Characters Page. Therefore, she was Princess of Town. This concept has since been abandoned (save for a message in Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 17.2), and she herself has denied being the King's daughter.

[edit] Strong Bad's Mom

Out of ignorance, Homestar mistakenly refers to Strong Bad's mom as being a king of town in Strong Badia the Free. Whether this means women can have the title of "King" and not "Queen" is debatable.

[edit] The Twelve Kings of Town

In original, it was stated by Strong Bad that there have been "like twelve King of Towns". This may mean that the actual king was replaced, or just the "actor" who plays him, or even if this is just made up. Their graves were seen in an Easter egg, though this may have been a dream sequence. If they did exist, this means there must have been an Onion King of Town, much akin to Onion Bubs.

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