Kindread Soul

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Kindread Soul
Origins Comic Book Movie
Genre(s) Christian metal, goth metal
Members (unknown, only music heard is a singer and an electric guitar)
Discography Alive As One (2008)

Kindread Soul is a religious metal band introduced in the DVD-exclusive Strong Bad Email Comic Book Movie. Their image and sound specifically resemble the subgenre of gothic metal. Only a brief snippet of their music is heard in the email, a simple guitar riff and a metal vocalist singing "alive as one".

Strong Bad made up the band after a sender's email opened with "Greetings from a kindred soul". The band's name spells "Kindred" as "Kindread" (a portmanteau with "dread") in keeping with Strong Bad's band names approach of "take a really cool word but spell it all wrong".

Strong Bad describes them as "you know, the kind that try and offset their religiousness with evil fonts and drippy graphics" (a similar concept to the Taranchula album Shady Missionaries), and fittingly their logo is written in spiky, drippy red against a black background. On Alive As One, both the album title on the cover and the band name on the spine are set in Iron Maiden's font.

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