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This guy reads an email

Hremails (a contraction of "Homestar Runner Emails") are installments of an email show by Homestar Runner, similar in nature to Strong Bad Email (with which it frequently overlaps). Homestar was first seen checking emails on the Happy 8600, a laptop modeled after the XO-1 computer for the One Laptop Per Child Program. The first time a Hremail was officially seen was in the 200th Strong Bad Email, email thunder, in which Strong Bad vowed to ruin the show after learning of its existence. Hremail 49 (which receives a passing mention by Homestar in the Strong Bad Email) and Hremail 24 (which is mentioned in Hremail 49) were also released as secret pages. Both of these Hremails were included in strongbad_email.exe Disc Six as Easter eggs in the DVD version of email thunder.

On January 26, 2009, Hremail 62 was made in full and was followed by Hremail 2000 the following week. The present Hremail format is similar to a television program and takes place in the Hremail Room. Homestar Runner now reads out the email from a sheet of paper and the Happy 8600 has been replaced with a talking microfiche reader called the Arturo 9000.

Prior to the post-Flash site update, the full-length Hremails were only listed in the New Stuff menu, with the exception of Hremail 3184; due to it being Strong Bad Email 201, it was also listed on the Strong Bad Email menu. After being removed from the New Stuff menu, Hremails 62 and 2000 were added to the Shorts menu on January 20, 2021 and Hremail 7 was added on January 24, 2021.

In email thunder, Homestar states that Hremails had existed "since forever", to Strong Bad's surprise. In Hremail 7, it is suggested that they began during or before 2001, actually predating Strong Bad Emails.

This is not the first time Homestar has been seen checking emails. He substituted for Strong Bad in anything and 50 emails, and must have had a computer to email Strong Bad during the time of credit card. It is unknown if these qualify as Hremails.


[edit] Hremails

Screenshot Name Running Time Date
Hremail 7 3:50 2009-05-04 May 4, 2009
Hremail 24 0:00 2008-09-23September 23, 2008
Hremail 49 0:10 2008-09-23September 23, 2008
Hremail 62 3:06 2009-01-26January 26, 2009
Hremail 2000 3:09 2009-02-02February 2, 2009
Hremail 3184 5:04 2009-06-29June 29, 2009

[edit] Other Hremails

In email thunder, Homestar describes several Hremails, two of which took place during the Strong Bad Emails caper and long pants, and another in which Homestar dressed up as Coach Z. The same Strong Bad Email also shows Homestar checking an email before Strong Bad interrupts, and later checking an email sent by Strong Bad. In 8-Bit is Enough, Homestar mentions a Hremail similar to japanese cartoon, though Strong Bad claims that it's actually his own email. Their numbers are unknown.

[edit] Replies

Before December 2008, sending an email to Homestar's address - - prompted the following auto-reply:

Subject: My Inbox Runneth Ova!

Oh, hello everyone! For some unknown reason I'm getting this big cavalcanche of emails all of the sudden. They're filling up the basement and I'm running out of paper towels!

Just sit tight and hremails will be back to normal before you know it.

And thanks again to everyone who participated in Bacon Pretend Week! Ron Staple you are a GENIUS!

Okay bye,
Homestar Runner

When an email is answered by Homestar Runner, the person who wrote it may receive the following message:

Oh dango {sender's name}! I answered your email on some website! Here it goes now!

{link to newest Hremail}


[edit] Intros

"Give it the gas, people! It's the breakout album of the year, Homestar Runner!"

Beginning with Hremail 62 (with regard to release date), Homestar has made some kind introduction for himself from the shadows before he reads an email, much like Strong Bad's.

Number Email Intro
7 Hremail 7 Oh, hello everybody everybody! I'm Homestar Runner.
62 Hremail 62 Don't look now kids, it's everyone's favorite knock-kneed weightlifter, Homestar Runner!
2000 Hremail 2000 Give it the gas, people! It's the breakout album of the year, Homestar Runner!

[edit] Homestar's Mug

Beginning with Hremail 62 (numerically), there have been mugs sitting on Homestar Runner's desk, similar to the Floppy Disk running gag.

Image Appearance Text on the mug
Soup, Not Coffee Hremail 62 Soup, Not Coffee
I ♥ a Bean Hremail 2000 I a Bean
Auntie Gertr♥de's Tea Hremail 3184 [A]untie [Ger]trde's Tea

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