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@ronginald was a Twitter account operated by Matt Chapman from September 3, 2011, until January 22, 2013. The name is a reference to the comic Ron Planet, in particular a strip where "Ron" is mistakenly assumed to be short for "Ronginald".

At the time, Homestar Runner was on an unprecedented hiatus: though the site had historically seen weekly updates, only three new toons were produced in 2010 and none were released in 2011, leaving fans doubtful about the site's future. The account was first noticed by fans when Pendleton Ward posted a portrait of Matt and identified @ronginald as "the voice of Strong Bad"; though the account had not tweeted at this point, later posts made it clear that it was legitimately run by Matt Chapman. In his tweets, Matt reaffirmed that he and Mike were not done with Homestar Runner, hinting that it would be updated "sporadically and without warning" in the future. He also discussed his then-current projects, including writing, directing, and acting for Yo Gabba Gabba, Gravity Falls, and The Aquabats! Super Show!. Matt also occasionally shared behind-the-scenes information and images from both Homestar Runner and other projects.

The account was closed on January 22, 2013, which resulted in the deletion of all its Tweets. In April 2013, an unrelated fan registered the @ronginald account and occasionally tweeted, making it clear that they were not affiliated with Homestar Runner. An official The Brothers Chaps-run Twitter successor is the account @StrongBadActual, created in 2011, which started actively tweeting in 2014 in-character as Strong Bad.


[edit] Selected Tweets

Text / Transcript Date / Link
Tweet image for 23 Apr 2012
@ScottRauscher nice! I've got a Scalding Lake about the same age. No longer fit for public display.
This Tweet is a reply to @ScottRauscher, who shared a then-8-year-old Strong Sad shirt.

Fun Facts

  • This shirt would later be seen framed in posts on the @StrongBadActual Twitter and Instagram pages.
23 Apr 2012

Tweet image for 8 Apr 2012
@j2n4me thanks! remember to shave your beard before adding a fake one. I picked glueballs outta my beard for weeks.
This Tweet is a reply to @j2n4me (now @OKdotGLASS), who complimented Matt's appearance on The Aquabats! Super Show!

Fun Facts

  • The episode "Haunted BattleTram!" had aired the day before; it was written by Matt Chapman, who also starred as the ghostly Bob Higgensbottom.
8 Apr 2012

@NAveryW just a pilot at this point. and don't worry, it's non-homestar. but hopefully still dumb b/w funny.
This Tweet is a reply to @NAveryW, who inquired about The Brothers Chaps' deal with Disney.
16 Mar 2012

an episode of @TheAquabats i worked on airs tomorrow on @HubTVNetwork. so much trouble in the LDP...

Fun Facts

16 Mar 2012

@iwapodcaster confirm. Involved in several episode in various capacities. hsr fans will be pleased and/or creeped out by one of my roles
This Tweet is a reply to @iwapodcaster (now @ChrisWeedPiano), who requested Matt to "confirm or deny" that he was directing and acting for The Aquabats! Super Show!.

Fun Facts

  • The one role in particular is likely Carl, a character very similar to Strong Bad.
3 Mar 2012

@zombietardis twas me! working on gravity falls. seeing your faded vinyl cling made my morning! had some hsr clings in glovebox. Ding!
This Tweet is a reply to @zombietardis. The original Tweet is unavailable; @zombietardis is Joshua Pruett, a writer who was also working on Disney TV shows at the time.

Fun Facts

1 Mar 2012

Tweet image for 27 Feb 2012
Someday, when you least expect it...

Image Transcript

A closeup of a computer screen with a script partially visible:
(lights are off on t[—]
in and starts blowing [—]
SB: Ah, Compay [—]
SM: [—]
27 Feb 2012

whatta we do for a living now? lately, writing/directing for @yogabbagabba
9 Oct 2011

no one in their right mind would willingly stop making Homestar cartoons for a living. #needlesslycryptic
29 Sep 2011

@InsanityBringer I wish I could blame @notch. I've always wanted to recreate peasantry in minecraft. that or make a trogdor mod.
This Tweet is a reply to @InsanityBringer. The original tweet is unavailable.
20 Sep 2011

@BriThePerson not me. pretty good impression though.
This Tweet is a reply to @BriThePerson. The original tweet is unavailable.
19 Sep 2011

Tweet image for 15 Sep 2011
A delicious part of this complete expired breakfast! Prolly go well with that ancient Suudsu: http://bit.ly/oEojas

Fun Facts

  • The photo of the Cheat Commandos...O's prop box shows that the Post Blueberry Morning cereal expired over six years earlier on April 22, 2005.
15 Sep 2011

@internetakias1 monster safari status? wish I knew. wrote a draft with @craigzobel a few years ago. haven't heard anything since.
This Tweet is a reply to @internetakias1. The original Tweet is unavailable.

Fun Facts

  • Monster Safari was a 2007 animated short film. A full-length movie adaptation was co-written by Craig Zobel and Matt Chapman around 2009, although no further news has surfaced about the project.
12 Sep 2011

@EthoStar re: "the newer stuff was the funniest!" you just made my past-several-years!
This Tweet is a reply to @EthoStar (now @jububale), remarking that they regularly quoted "no probalo" and "what the pfargtl" and adding that "the newer stuff was the funniest!"
12 Sep 2011

@KungFu_Grip what do I do for h*r? lately, not a whole lot. but back in the day, I did half.
This Tweet is a reply to @KungFu_Grip, asking whether and how Matt was involved with Homestar Runner.
11 Sep 2011

@stonylogray totally. it's only a matter of time before our beaches are crawling with out of work astronauts!
This Tweet is a reply to @stonylogray, who shared the lyric video for the song "Kill Your Heroes" by Awolnation as it reminded them of Ron Planet.
11 Sep 2011

Tweet image for 10 Sep 2011
thanks @buenothebear for introducing me to all these nice twitterfolk

Fun Facts

10 Sep 2011

@AnthonySchwader your band made a h*r song? I totally care! point me to it!
This Tweet is a reply to @AnthonySchwader. The original Tweet is unavailable.
5 Sep 2011

@rayword45 A. Dunno. I just co-wrote it. B. Someday. But hopefully more Homestar first.
This Tweet is a reply to @rayword45 (now @ntrantrinh2) who asked A. how Monster Safari was progressing and B. whether Ron Planet would be revived.
5 Sep 2011

@jcnork @TheEaterTripod answers: tv show? No thanks. Sbemails? Yes, please.
This Tweet is a reply to @jcnork, who retweeted and emphasized @TheEaterTripod (now @ataeaf) asking whether Homestar Runner would become a TV show and whether sbemails would return.
4 Sep 2011

Tweet image for 4 Sep 2011or earlier
@NickTrenin ancient yello-dello storyboards b/w old halloween costume ideas
This Tweet is a reply to @NickTrenin. The original Tweet is unavailable.

Image Transcript

Six panels of storyboards from In Search of the Yello Dello New Version drawn in a notebook. The scene depicted ultimately takes place at approximately 3:28 in the final video.

  1. The Yello Dello stands atop the mountain while the camera pans downward.
  2. As the camera finishes moving, Homestar Runner, Strong Sad, and Pom Pom are seen hiding under the mountain.
  3. Close up on Pom Pom, he draws his gun.
    bub a dub dub
  4. Close up on Homestar.
    no, i kinda wanna take him alive pom-pom
  5. Close up on Strong Sad.
    how should we do this?
  6. Close up on Homestar, yelling.
    ummmm, Get her STRONG SAD!!

Fun Facts

4 Sep 2011
or earlier

@SushiPrincessss yes! for sure! And forever! just sporadically and without warning. #homestaraftershocks
This Tweet is a reply to @SushiPrincessss, who asked "I know it's not a very polite way to welcome you to Twitter, but someone's gotta say it: will we ever see more Homestar Runner?"
3 Sep 2011
or earlier

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