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[edit] Uh...Crapstuff?

Every statement made by Homestar in this email ends with the word "face."

From: replacement
Posted on: 03:22, 28 April 2006 (UTC)

Arguments for:

  • I did not notice that, and it is intriguing...

Arguments against:

  • The fact that homestar ends every statement with the word crapface is completely unimportant and in no way a fun fact.

Additional comments:

  • Not every comment ends with "crapface"; but with "face" ("And then I put it on my face...').
    • True, but Homestar only has— {looks at page and counts} ...7 lines of dialogue in this email, and all but 1 of them are "crapface". That being said, this fact doesn't seem notable enough to be put on the page.
  • This might even be patently false. "Let me think about it" is a separate statement from "Crapface", even if for comedic effect the two sentences are said without a pause in between.

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