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[edit] V! V-O! Vote in Stuff!

The page title (And TV) saying "T! T-V! TV Show! Watch the TV show!" may be a reference to a popular cheer that goes "G! G-O! Go team Go!"

From: Lookin at a Thing in a Bag
Posted on: 17:22, 17 December 2005 (UTC)

Arguments for:

  • You don't hear the phrase often.

Arguments against:

  • This is a real stretch.
  • The song sounds nothing like a cheer, and the toon has nothing to do with cheerleading.

Additional comments:

  • I've never heard that cheer before.
    • Neither have I.
      • Nor I.
        • That's because y'all don't volunteer with little kids' cheerleading squads...

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