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Right back at ya', Strong Bad!

Additional footage of Strong Bad around the office.

Cast (in order of appearance): various employees of Telltale Games, Strong Bad

Places: Telltale Game's offices

Running Time: 1:32

DVD Exclusive: SBCG4AP Collector's DVD (Easter egg)

[edit] Transcript

{The ghost from Spirits of 76 flashes on the screen, with the sound effect from the game heard. The title card wavers in: "Stuff we didn't use: Behind The Bad Prototype Footage"}

{Cut to a shot of a conference room. Camera moves around the corner to reveal two employees writing on notepads. Camera sweeps around the room. Strong Bad comes in stage right and stands in front of a white board.}

STRONG BAD: Greetings ladies and hot moms! You can stop clawing at your screen.

{Reverse shot of one of the employees looking up in disbelief.}

{Reverse medium shot of Strong Bad}

{Close up of writing on the note pad.}

{Cut to black. Open on a shot of an elevator. An employee walks out, followed by Strong Bad, who flashes a pixelated single deuce at the camera before walking off.}

{Cut to a scene in the office. An employee is seen walking around a corner.}

STRONG BAD: {Windows alert sounds} Why?

{Camera pans to reveal Strong Bad sitting at a computer. The Windows shut down chime is heard. Strong Bad slow looks up at the camera.}

{Cut to an exterior shot of Strong Bad walking in the parking lot.}

STRONG BAD: Can't believe Homestar get an entirely poorly made float.

{A car drives by.}

EMPLOYEE: Hey Strong Bad!

STRONG BAD: {moving off screen} Hey there!

{Cut to a low shot of Strong Bad back in the conference room}

STRONG BAD: I'm Strong Bad and allow me introduce you to my biceps. {cut to a higher shot. Strong Bad raises his left arm.} Iron Jeremy {right arm} and Steel Danielle. {cut to a frontal shot} They go with most every place. I like to wreak havoc, wreck shop and rock paughties. {leaping, yelling} Now get out my face!

{Scene wavers out to black}

[edit] Fun Facts

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