Strong Bad reads "The Ocelot and the Porridge Maiden" (Teaser Trailer) - Worldbuilders 2014

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Coming soon to pretend booksellers everywhere.

Strong Bad, your favorite character, and according to him the ONLY character on Homestar Runner, has teased you with a teasing teaser for his upcoming masterpiece, "The Ocelot and the Porridge Maiden".

Cast (in order of appearance): Unidentified Narrator, Strong Bad

Places: Wooden Desktop

Date: Friday, Dec 5, 2014

Running Time: 0:53


[edit] Transcript

{A title card appears. It reads "Strong Bad debuts his New Kids' Book", alongside a picture of himself holding a tan book with "The Ocelot & the Porridge Maiden" scribbled on one side, and his picture doodled on the other, surrounded by a border of doodled books.}

{The title card fades to black as words appear on the screen.}

NARRATOR: From the celebrated children's author of "Everyone is Different" and "Tubky the Typo-Named Tub", comes his reinterpretation of the classic fable...

{Cut to a picture of the cover of The Ocelot & the Porridge Maiden. The author's name "Leomardbury Chauceinterviews" is crossed out and "Strong Bad" is written in its place.}

STRONG BAD: {turning incredulous as he states the title} The Ocelot and the Porridge Maiden?

{Page turns. The Porridge Maiden is standing in front of her thatched-roof cottage in front of a boiling cauldron. There are edits to give the cauldron eyes and arms, one of which is tapping the maiden on the shoulder, the cottage is now a duffel bag with a tube of paste reading "sports creemz", and a face is poking out of clouds in the sky. The text reads "Once there was a Porridge Maiden who lived in a meadow." but has been edited.}

STRONG BAD: Once there was a Porridge Maiden who lived in Meadowlark Lemon's duffel bag from the 70's.

{Page turns. There is a picture of the Porridge Maiden holding the ocelot in one hand. It has been edited so that her shirt reads "Ocelot Catch Sports Team". In the top-left there is an announcer saying "Watta catch!" and in the bottom-right there is The Cheat with a single tear, captioned "teh Ch8t weeps". The text reads "One day, she caught an ocelot for to sup." Strong Bad's commentary has been written in.}

STRONG BAD: One day, she caught an ocelot for to sup. Because at some point those words meant something.

{Page turns. There is a picture of the ocelot. A face captioned "Rob" has been doodled in, and several monsters from the Doom II video game (a Mancubus, a Baron of Hell or Hell Knight, and a Lost Soul) are coming out from behind the ocelot. Text reads "Good morrow to you, said the ocelot. You must find a husband by sunrise or doom will come to you."}

STRONG BAD: "Rob morrow to you," said the ocelot. "You must find a husband by sunrise or Doom 2 bad guys will come out of my ears!" {makes growling sounds}

{Fade to black. Text appears onscreen.}

NARRATOR: Coming soon to pretend booksellers everywhere.

{A final card appears. It is for the Worldbuilders 2014 fundraiser, and reads "Thanks Chapman Brothers! And thanks to all our supporters who helped us pass our $500,000 goal! For more information:"}

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