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Atari style menu

The Second Games Menu is an Atari 2600 themed menu, which is now found in the Museum. The concept of the menu was on moving Homestar Runner around the screen and onto icons representing the different games. According to The Brothers Chaps, it was "a little too hard to figure out".

Current Page Title: The Original Website!

Earlier Page Title: Games!

Page Title (before Museum): The Games Menu!! For use with Joysticks or Paddles

Page Title (later, archived version): The Games Menu!! For the Whole Damn Family!!


Available Games

Look at 'im go.

Returning from Original Menu

  • Fortune Cookies — Pearls of wisdom from the master himself, General Tso. Or is it General Tsu? Or wait. General Tao? Just order the egg roll.
  • Homestar Talker — Homestar says the darndest things. You want to make him swear don't you? Shame on you. Call your mother.
  • Bronco Trolley — Help Homestar eat as many Bronco Trolleys as possible. You don't know what a Bronco Trolley is? Go find out!!
  • Hairstyle Runner — What you've all been waiting for! Finally, you can give the gift of hair to Homestar Runner. Make it great!
  • Astro Lite 2600 — Remember the Lite Brite? Neither do we. This is something totally new. And now it's easier to use than... something easy.
  • Dancin' Bubs — Who is the man? Why it's Bubs of course! Help Bubs put his weight on it on the dancefloor. Solid.

New for this menu

  • Strong Libs — We forced the 3 Strong Brothers to reunite for this blatant rip-off of the classic word game. Let brotherly love rule.
  • Back Button Description — Help Homestar fight the evil back button-- Oh wait. This is just the back button. It'll take you back to the main menu page.

Fun Facts



Real-World References

Fast Forward

  • The joke structure of "Easier to use than... something easy", a simile abandoned partway through, returns in isp when Strong Bad mentions his "internet's crawling along like... something... funny... that crawls along."

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