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A Lite-Brite type beach

Astro Lite is a game that works like a Lite-Brite. Astro Lite used to be in the Museum, but was moved to the Handheld Games Menu when the Scrolling Shooter Games Menu was launched.

Date: October 29, 2000, or earlier

Page Title (New Version): litebrite

Page Title (Old Version): Astro-Lite 2600


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  • In the old version, the player could pick from various Homestar Runner-related outlines to trace. Also, the player could make some or all of the colors blink. In the new version, these features are not included. Instead, each peg's color can be changed by clicking a slot area multiple times.
  • In the old version, if the player put a bulb (any color) in the background, it would stick anyway.
  • In the old version, if the player put a bulb on the outline of the Astro-Lite itself and turned on the blinker, they could only see the part that is inside the Astro-Lite area.
  • Strangely, the current version of the game lacks the NavBar while the old version has it.

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