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Moist is an adjective meaning moderately or slightly wet or damp. Evidence indicates that Coach Z has an atypical affinity for things that are moist, not least of which being his alter-ego, Damp Towel Man's, job (collecting damp towels) and catch phrase ("Moist molecules!"). Aside from this, The Brothers Chaps have found some unique and unexpected ways to employ this word.

Coach Z's fondness for things that are moist

  • Halloween FairstivalStrong Bad mocks Coach Z's "Haunted Locka-room" and asks, "You got anything that's not just gross and moist?"
  • DNA Evidence — Coach Z recalls that, as Damp Towel Man, he discovered an especially-attractive damp towel and exclaimed, "Moist molecules! A green-stained damp towel! The rarest and most powerful kind!" Also, in an Easter egg, a Strong Badman cover page depicts a comic book version of Damp Towel Man wearing a presumably-damp towel with a caption reading "Moist molecules!!"
  • On Break — Coach Z describes the smells coming from his Drive-Thru Whale costume as being "Damp, moist, kimchi!"

Unusual usages

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