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The old locker room
After apparent renovations

The locker room is the where the citizens of Free Country, USA change and shower after sports games. It is located next to the track; Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People shows the exterior as being a large building (possibly the Gymnasium, though an interior beyond the locker rooms was not seen in the game). Coach Z is seen here most often. There was a rumor that he sleeps in one of the lockers, but Coach Z states in his character video that he would usually "crash on [that] bench right [there]," which is shown in the toon A Jorb Well Done. Sleeping on the bench has led to his back being in poor condition.

In Where's The Cheat?, Coach Z points out that he has caught The Cheat sleeping in a locker from time to time, and Strong Bad found The Cheat's cigarettes there. In Halloween Fairstival, Coach Z turns it into a not-so-scary haunted "Locka-Room". Bubs, The King of Town, and Strong Bad all spent the night there with Coach Z during the Strong Bad Email slumber party, where Strong Bad was dismayed at the others' constant complaining and their refusal to let him play Bed Axe. During Homestar Presents: Presents and Decemberween Short Shorts, Coach Z spends the Decemberween holidays in the locker room alone, eating TV dinners and constructing a "tree" out of green towels.

Although Coach Z refers to the locker room as his office, the Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People games show an actual office within the building that the locker room is housed. Strong Bad refers to it as the "Temple of Butt-Pattery", and is disgusted at the mound of unwashed socks and crusty jocks he finds when he enters.

[edit] Appearances

Haunted Locka-room
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