Homestar Runner Goes For The Gold!

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"Flying, swimming, and racing designs from our unfinished 2nd children's book 'Homestar Runner Goes For The Gold!' (Sept 96)"
This article is about the book. For the toon, see Homestar Runner Goes for the Gold.

Homestar Runner Goes For The Gold! (also known as Homestar Runner and The Brothers Strong) is the unfinished sequel to the Original Book. According to the Museum sketchbook, it may have involved Homestar Runner, Strong Bad, Strong Mad, Mr. Bland and other unknown characters who might fly, swim, or race. The sketches feature Homestar Runner in swimming equipment, Strong Mad on roller skates, Mr. Bland with wings, Strong Bad with a fish in his head, and three unknown rejected characters (a robot, a man carrying a large propellor, and a winged fairy creature). The book might have been the first appearance of Strong Mad, since this sketch was presumably drawn before Super NES.

A finished, animated version of the book was shown at the Homestar Runner 20th Anniversary Shows, and released months later on on December 24 2016. Any information regarding the plot of the book was unknown until the release of the toon. According to what seems to be the original script, the book was about the All-Stars (The Homestar Runner, Pom Pom, and Mr. Bland) and the Strong Stars (Tiny-Handed Strong Bad, Strong Mad, and Strong Sad) competing at the annual triathlon. Strong Bad replaces Strong Sad with Dijjery Doo. Strong Mad and Pom Pom compete in the running event, Homestar and Strong Bad do the swimming event, and Mr. Bland and Dijjery Doo are supposed to do the flying event. The Sneak cripples Mr. Bland, and he is replaced with Strong Sad. Strong Sad then transforms into Strong Glad.

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