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== Week 35, 2009 ==
{{HRWiki:Featured article for 2009, week 35}}
== Week 34, 2009 ==
== Week 34, 2009 ==
{{HRWiki:Featured article for 2009, week 34}}
{{HRWiki:Featured article for 2009, week 34}}

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Featured Article Archives

This page lists articles that have been featured on the Main Page. If you have ideas for pages that should be featured, please list them on the nominations page and discuss them on the selections page.  

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Week 35, 2009

"Say it with a flourish."

The Classroom is where lectures and training are given. Many characters use the classroom's chalkboard, of different shapes and colors, to illustrate concepts and teach things to each other. The classroom has been used for many AV presentations, including Strong Mad's Sports section for Strong Badia's Action Cool News 5, the SBASAF introduction videos, and Strong Bad's "technology intromercials" in technology. Strong Bad gives free motivational lectures in the classroom every Wednesday, Marzipan holds her L.U.R.N. classes here, and the characters use it as an ad hoc town hall for emergency town meetings (in unnatural). (more...)

Week 34, 2009

"It's the ghost of General Tso!"

General Tso's Chicken (which Strong Bad pronounces "General Tao") was first spotted in the Strong Bad Email ghosts, in which Strong Bad and The Cheat are hunting for ghosts in Strong Badia, but only find a bad carton of Chinese food, discarded by The Cheat. At first, they thought the carton to be haunted, but quickly discover to be just "grody and rotten". Since then, it has been an occasional resident of Strong Badia. It was used as an obstacle in Awexome Cross and as one of the Mount RidesPlace USA Mascots, played by Homsar. It has also been one of Strong Badia's Seven Elemental Spirits. (more...)

Week 33, 2009

"Psssshhh! The Double Deuce!"

The Double Deuce is a style of flipping someone off with both hands. First demonstrated by Strong Bad in the bird, it was later introduced as the name of Stinkoman's primary attack technique. In order to perform a Double Deuce, Stinkoman strikes a dramatic pose and shouts "DOOOUUUBBLE DEEEUUUUCCE!!", which causes his gloves to glow and creates an energy disturbance around him. Strong Bad's Exciting Action Man action figure (as seen in the action figure email) comes equipped with "Severe Double Deuce Action", activated when the figure's head is pressed down. There is also a single-handed variant called the Single Deuce. The Double Deuce and its variants can be used to rid oneself of the office dullard or those seeking a challenge or perhaps some fighting. (more...)

Week 32, 2009

"I'm Homestar, and this is a website!"

First Time Here?, released on March 28, 2002, is an uncategorized cartoon, accessible only from a special button on the main page. In this toon, Homestar Runner gives a welcome speech for first-time viewers of the website. However, Homestar keeps forgetting his lines one take after another, much to the exasperation of the director, Cherry Greg. Eventually, Strong Bad decides that he has had enough and takes over in place of Homestar. At the end, there are links to Strong Bad Emails, A Jorb Well Done (representing a sample toon) and Homestar Talker (a sample game). (more...) watch

Week 31, 2009

Frames upon frames

Strong Bad's Website is a website (found on about The Cheat. It was first seen in the email website as an example of website design and content fundamentals. It sports a long and elaborate Flash intro and lots of animated GIFs. This is a parody of many very poorly executed and ultimately pointless websites that are common on free webservers like Tripod and Geocities. It features pictures actually taken from the Pulse interview of August 1, 2003. It originated in the Strong Bad Email website and also spun off Strong Sad's Lament. (more...) visit

Week 30, 2009

"Strong Bad, I brought back your fondue pot!"

The 50th Strong Bad Email, the aptly-titled 50 emails, released on Monday, November 11, 2002, was one of the very first milestone emails on the Homestar Runner website. In honor of this, his 50th email, Strong Bad opts to literally answer 50 emails, answering them with his usual mix of making fun of the senders and sometimes deletion. But he doesn't get far before he is interrupted by a phone call, during which Homestar Runner, who is just returning Strong Bad's fondue pot, sees Strong Bad's computer running and tries to answer some of the emails himself. However, his failed attempts at deleting an email result in technical failures, prompting Homestar to leave a special surprise for Strong Bad upon his return. (more...) watch

Week 29, 2009

Strong Bad "Wanted" poster

Over the course of the Homestar Runner body of work, Strong Bad has committed several crimes and misdemeanors. He often operates alone in his criminal acts, but is also frequently aided by either The Cheat, Strong Mad, or sometimes both. Oftentimes, he also gets help from Bubs, albeit more subtly. He has been punished or caught while committing several crimes, and as a result has spent some time in jail. Strong Bad's criminal repertoire is long and diverse, running the gamut of different crimes, from petty misdemeanors, such as prank calls, cheating and theft to major crimes, including kidnapping, extortion, assault and battery and attempted murder. (more...)

Week 28, 2009

"Isn't that great?"

In A Folky Tale, released on Monday, August 22, 2005, Strong Sad relates to Coach Z the folky tale of Saddy Dumpington, a legendary folk hero he made up, as an excuse to avoid climbing a rope that Coach Z wants him to climb. Saddy, according to Strong Sad, travels the land and spreads "good cheer and smiles to all who would listen". However, his methods only leave those who do listen in sadness and misery, as his methods involve depressing information with a smile on his face at others' expense. At random points, Coach Z tries to insert into the story The Dancing Brothers, much to Strong Sad's annoyance. Saddy later tries to make amends for his acts by trying to actually be miserable and depressing, but it has the opposite effect: laughter. This big toon is unique in that while it does feature members of the core cast of characters, it is the first one not to feature either Homestar Runner or Strong Bad. (more...) watch

Week 27, 2009

"It's dazzle-mazing!"

Fireworks easily amaze the citizens of Free Country, USA, where pyrotechnics are usually used for celebrations. Occasions deemed worthy of a fireworks show have ranged from something as grand as the hundredth Strong Bad Email and the end of the Strong Badathlon to something as simple as no loafing or finding an egg. They have been used so many times, Homestar Runner has grown to treat "fireworks" as an official name for the Fourth of July. Fireworks, both real and virtual, have appeared. Sometimes, when real fireworks cannot be used, characters still try to implicate their presence through animation and/or sound effects. Fthoom-bang rockets are a common brand of fireworks, which are also used to assist Strong Bad's crimes. (more...)

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