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Despite its population of around a dozen, Free Country, USA has a high rate of petty crime.


Strong Bad

While not a proper villain anymore, Strong Bad has committed more crimes than the rest of the characters put together.

Main Article: Crimes committed by Strong Bad

Homestar Runner

Whether due to Strong Bad's influence or his own stupidity, Homestar has had a few brushes with the law.

The Cheat

Main Article: Cheating

True to his name, The Cheat has helped Strong Bad and several other characters to cheat at various sports and activities. He has also assisted with various, more heinous crimes.

  • email caper — The Cheat breaks into Homestar's house alongside Strong Bad.
  • The Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon — The Cheat assists Strong Bad in his various crimes througout the toon.
  • Homestar Ruiner — The Cheat puts a bomb in a paper bag marked "Coach Z" after the coach comments on him being unsportsmanlike.
  • A Death-Defying Decemberween — The Cheat helps Homestar's attempt to kill himself sledging down the Steep Deep.

Strong Mad


Main Article: Bubs's Shady Business Practices

Non-business crimes

  • Folky Tale — Bubs helps Coach Z hide when he thinks he killed Strong Sad. Bubs also tells Homestar to get outta town and lay low for a while.

Coach Z

The King of Town

  • Email suntan — The King of Town steals Strong Bad's cocoa butter and animal phat.
  • 3 Times Halloween Funjob — The King of Town eats Marzipan's candy corn lights and then denies having done anything wrong when Marzipan tells him to stop doing it.
  • Most in the Graveyard — The King of Town is implied to have stolen Strong Bad's pickled monkey fingers.


Due to the lack of authority and law enforcement, most crimes are unprosecuted. There have been a few cases of characters receiving some form of formal punishment.


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