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This article is about the location. For the concept of wrongdoers being locked up, see Prison.
"You gotta get us out of the joint, man."

The Jail is the Free Country, USA's penal system, consisting of a cardboard box with a barred window. The word "JAIL" is spray-painted on the front, and "A BOX" is printed on the side. There is also a piece of duct tape stuck to the top of the box. Located in The Field, Strong Bad and The Cheat were once imprisoned there for trying to break into Bubs' Concession Stand. However, they were soon set free when Strong Mad came and lifted the jail, allowing them to escape.

Those incarcerated in the Jail are given a can of "Food", a can of "Water", and a can for "EWW" (which somehow functions as a phone). The Jail appeared once in Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon, but hasn't been seen since. However, in A Death Defying Decemberween, Marzipan says that Strong Bad's hot chocolate is a "wonderful by-product of his parole", implying that he has been in there since the last time.

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