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You Stupid Hippie...

You may think Stave(y) is a Stupid Hippie. Well, wait until you've seen me! You can call me Stave(y) (that's who my username is based on). Um...what else, what else?...well, check back for updates every so often. I'm not too active on here. I've only been an actual user for a few *insert type of time measurement here*. I was an anonny. I just made a few minor corrections that's all. Though now i'm hoping to go for the gold, like Homestar (almost) got to. So, uh, take a look around. Or maybe don't.
Yeah, on second thought: don't. HAHA! I'm a joke.

[edit] Favorite Quotes

(Quotes w/ more than 1 character will have their name before their quote and quotes w/ one character don't...*ding* the more you know...)

  • SB:"And, hey, guess what? When you get back it's still gonna be a cool snowman surfing the internet." Marzipan:"Internet is so hot this year." -Strong Bad & Marzipan. What I Want.
  • HSR:"Your gonna have to share a bafroom with some kid from Alambama that kinda sucks. The financial aide office is closed on Tuesdays. And steer clear of the beef stroganoff at the dining hall. CGN...U, and uh, that's where you all say U together" Possible CGNU students:"No. I don't think so." -Homestar & Possible CGNU students. On Break.
  • "(singing)You stupid hippie..." -Stro Bro. Crystal Fortress.
  • CZ:"The Chort! That was amazing! It's gonna rocket straight to the bottom of the BET charts!" TC:"Meh (and all that)!" CZ:"Oh right, your payment. Howzabout a nice slice of chinstrap pizza?" TC:"Meh...(turns green then falls down)"
    -Coach Z & The Cheat. Rap Song.

[edit] Userboxes

These are all the stupid hippies on the wiki. The people listed here are most likely not stupid hippies except for Mazipan. Paid for by Some Company. Copyright 2004-2009, the Not HRWiki. Some rights possibly reserved. No purchase neccesary to enter or win. This is not a contest. I just wanted to add this for comic effect. And just so you know, Marzipan is a stupid hippie. I'm right on that one.


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