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In order to avoid clutter -- back, back you clutter! -- I've added some headings. Please observe, mateys. Everyone likes a nicely-swabbed ship.

[edit] General Commentary and Helloisms

  • Ha. Your userspace makes me laugh. -- FireBird
Right back atcha, oh flaming feathered friend. -- Queenie-C
  • What did you say about my mother??? Why I oughta.... *ahem* Whatever. Hey, you're weird. That's cool. -- DG
"Weird" is for stinky people with no imagination. The correct word is "eccentric," dollface, and I smell GOOD. -- Q-C
  • There's nothing so nice as a tallish girl with a great hat. Welcome on board. InterruptorJones[[]]
There's also nothing so nice as a great username, IJ. My hat and I salute you. -- Queenie-C
  • Heya, QC! You're tall and my torso fits neatly inside an 18"x13"x12" box. Rawr! ^_^ --[[User:Southpaw018|Southpaw018|talk]] 07:39, 23 Nov 2004 (MST)
And here I thought The Box Gnomes were extinct. Long live the shorties! -- Queenie-C

[edit] The Question Department

  • Hey, just wondering why you took down the "Ain't that a drag?" comment on montage, as I didn't catch any comments posted. Feel free to write in my discussion area. -- Svelt
Sorry about that. Late nights = sleepy mistakes, probably. -- Queenie-C
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