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Welcome To Strong Badia My Page |-



[edit] First Time Here?


[edit] Hi

Im just new here :D Anyway, im new to everything here so please dont be hard on me ^^ Where did all these letters come from!?! GO ON!!! Shoo! Scram!! Sorry old edit (as of November 7, 2009 anyway). I think its time I add a little pizza pizzaz!!

[edit] My Articles

Or, however you spell it. Most of my articles get DELETED because an existing page, (the one I looked for and couldn't find) already, um exsists... But atleats my "other" edits haven't gotten ...delteted...

[edit] Not Really Sewious

Never mind, I found out how!!


[edit] DYK?

A (deleted) fact:

  • In lures & jigs Coach Z's head turns halfway around. (180º !!! jeez!!)

[edit] (ThInGs) I Hate/Like

  • My Articles getting DELETED!
  • People who point out my mistakes in the most painful way.
  • School (of course)




Not the KOT!!! Doohoohoo!!

[edit] My Dream Email?

It would be: ☆Me getting an email saying:

  • Cuts to me creating a "twingie-and-millions'a'euro-cash angel", which fades away and reveals me creating an angel of items in my room.

[edit] My Quote of the Week

File:qod 2 - strong bad.PNG Strong Bad: "Hot choco, everyone. Hope it's not to late!..." A Death-Defying Decemberween

[edit] Websites

Youtube: SuperLuigiPower, LuigiMario2009

DeviantART: Luigi4Ever

[edit] Userboxes


[edit] How I Found H☆R...

Well, the very first Homestar thing I saw wasn't actually "Homestar" at all! It was a "Brawl" parody of techno, I wanted to see the origin of the song and found the email on YouTube, after watching a dozen more, I finally found the HR site!!

[edit] How I found The HRWiki...

I Google'd "Homestar Runner", and found this wiki.

[edit] Non-HR Related Tat

  • Super Mario
  • Nintendo
  • Chowder (the tv show)
  • YTP
  • Flash Animations}}

[edit] Polls

Which is your favourite character?

1.Homestar 2.Strong Bad 3.Strong Sad 4.Strong Mad 5.Coach Z 6.Bubs 7.Marzipan 8.Pom Pom 9.The King Of Town 10.Poopsmith


Tell me your awnser in my Talk Page!}}

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