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About Me

Hello fellow user. My name is Joel Abraham. I joined this wiki, hmmm, somewhat five years ago. I hate long introductions, so here's some dot-points outlining the features which come included with me.

  • I create animations and games using Adobe Flash.
  • I perform gnome work and fix many grammatical erors.
  • I adore talking to other people, and learning from them.

Past Contributions

  • I've made many edits.
  • I've reverted many trolls.
  • I finished the Fan Stuff.
  • I made the Tick Template.
  • I created the Sick Day article and greatly contributed to it.



Below are my wiki friends. They're in no particular order.

Welcome List

Back in the good'dem days, I welcomed people. I think a robots replaced that job though... *sniffle* Anywhom, you can still view the recievers of my service here.

Signature, Monobook.css

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