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w00t. We're having a block party sometime during the week of May 21- May 27 for-

Heimstern's 25th birthday (5/22)
Ookelaylay's 8th grade graduation (5/25)
Dacheatbot's house being put up for sale (5/23) (estimate)
Mibluvr13's 15th birthday (5/25)
Whatever else y'all want to celebrate!

[edit] The Party is...

From 7pm to 10pm EST on Friday, May 26.

((EDIT- Due to, uh, me not being able to see anybody coming, this block party has been moved to the same time on Friday, 6/2.))

[edit] Stuff for t3h Party

A party banner (being made by--TheThin )
Cake (being made by Dacheatbot)
Music (being brought by אוקאלייליי (Ookelaylay))
Anything else you think we might need!

Put your stuff here.

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