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Well it has been great, but I'll be leaving, temporarily for this year. My final high school year will require my full attention, so while it saddens me to leave, know that I'm am thankful to all my friends here on Homestar runner wiki and glad to be a part of it. I'll be back when i finish high school though. Keep on editing everybody!

[edit] About Me

What an honor to get this award. i'd like to thank all the users that are my friends.
My current mood

Welcome to my page, I joined the Homestar runner wiki on the 29th of September 2005.

My speciality is anything about Homestar Runner; I think its the best cartoon website ever. i also enjoy lots of things in tv, games, and movies. The simpsons, Futurama, Family guy, American Dad!, and many more.

[edit] My Friends List

Sir Strong Bad STOP,

It's dot com,

Heimstern Läufer,




the thing

Thunderbird L17.

WOW I made alot of friends.

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